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2015 Challenges: Book Blogger Organization Challenge February

I’m participating in The Book Addict’s Guide Book Blogger Organization Challenge! Huzzah!


January was… sort of an organization disaster. It’s amazing how lazy I get when I’m swamped at work. Sure, I have my evenings free but after feeling like a loony bin all day the last thing I want to do when I go home is sit for hours on the computer blogging. I love ya, blog, but I love Netflix more (sometimes). Luckily February should be calming down so there will hopefully be a little more time to focus on the blog.

So while I didn’t meet a few of my January goals, in reality some were more intangible goals. February, though, is filled with things that I hope will make me feel like I’ve accomplished something. Here are some of my goals for February:

  • Cleaning up my Summer Reading page – this is where I link all my book reviews

    • Add new books with links
  • Update my Report Card page
    • Make sure this is still accurate
  • Update my About Me, Contact Me, and Review Policies pages
  • Create features pages/Link up features

    • Top Ten Tuesdays
    • True Story Thursdays
    • Retro Reads
    • Featured Fairy Tales
  • Catch up on reviews

    • Not really part of the organization challenge per se… I’m just super behind on this!

Here’s hoping February is more productive blog-wise than January!

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