Review Policy

I’m glad that you are interested in me reading and reviewing your book!

At this time I am open to most books – Advanced Reading Copies, Review Copies, digital copies, audiobooks – but I do have a few specifications. Please include with your request:

  • Brief summary
  • Publication date
  • Format
  • Publisher information
  • Image of cover
  • Any pertinent information – where I can find it online, other reviews, etc.

Once I have this information I will make the decision whether to accept the request – usually a “no” response will be due to time constraints or the book not being a good fit for me. I try to keep an open mind when choosing books to read and am always looking for new genres that I may not read much of.

I am not accepting self-published books. I appreciate your consideration but at this time am unable to accept self-published books review requests.

To submit a book for request, please fill out the below form. I will respond to all requests in a timely manner.


Comments make me happy, as do you!

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