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Friday Fanclub – Sailor Moon!

I always jokingly say that when I obsess over something I obsess hard. It’s true though! There are so many different things that I fangirl over, but not ALL the time. My fangirling comes and goes in waves. I wanted to create a “weekly” feature to give myself the opportunity to talk about whatever I’m currently fangirling over.

So sit back, relax, and let the obsessing begin!

I am currently in the middle of a Sailor Moon obsession. I’m not 100% sure what made me want to watch Sailor Moon the other week, but I guess I saw that there was a new season on Hulu of the new Sailor Moon Crystal series and I really wanted to watch it. I had already seen the first two seasons, so after a quick rewatch of the last two episodes of Season 2, I jumped into Season 3. Guys… I HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS!

However… I’m gonna hold off on those for now. Mostly because I then started watching the original show and have many many other things to discuss!

But before I get into those… let me give you some of my background on Sailor Moon, just so you fans who may be reading this aren’t gonna get all “WELL, NEWBIE! Let me tell you what!” I’ve obsessed over enjoyed the show since the late 90s. The show came on weekdays at 4:00 and 4:30am (yes AM). I would set my alarm to watch, then once it went off, I’d go back to sleep for a bit before getting up at 6ish to go to school. At the time the US didn’t have access to the last seventeen episodes of the R season, so when I saw the last episode that the US had access to, I knew I HAD to find out more about this show!

The internet in the 90s was nowhere NEAR as vast as it is now, so a girl had to hunt for Sailor Moon info. But hunt I did and developed a true love for this show and it’s really REALLY complex story. S.O.S. (Save our Sailors) was a favorite site of mine (y’all… this is the cutest little 90s website.. haha). So like, I KNOW the backstory of Sailor Moon.

Super fan? Not really. Incredibly well versed? You bet. Want to quiz me? Please don’t.

Back to my questions/discussion points…

Haruka and Michiru (aka my forever OTP) – Because of my 90s Sailor Moon research, I knew these two were a couple. However, in the early 2000s, the later seasons were dubbed and they were made to be cousins. While I was older and knew the truth, if you’ve seen any episode with them in it you know that’s not how cousins act. (So help me, if anyone inserts an Alabama joke here…) Very glad that Viz decided to stay  true to the original and kept their relationship as it was. Their relationship was my favorite, mostly because it was witty and flirty, but also rather subtle. You obviously KNEW they were in a relationship, but it wasn’t over the top in your face lovey-dovey. I also like that when they show up, you know the show is gonna start getting real.

Michiru is also my fave character, which is really no surprise considering Neptune was my favorite planet when I was younger! She also has some really awesome hair. But the more I watched the more I liked her even more, and for some deeper reasons too. She’s definitely a “popular” type girl, and I will say has a couple of mean girl moments, but mostly I think she just isn’t fazed by attention and such. She knows who she is and just goes with it. I also like that she’s kinda flirty and teasing with others, but you always know she only has eyes for one person.

Haruka… I never LOVED but I never actually disliked her. I do like her a lot more now than I used to, and she’s actually the character I’ve most enjoyed seeing on the show. I think she adds some depth that is often needed. My ONLY complaint about her is that she often was very “you can’t do this Usagi” about some things. I kept thinking if that were me I’d be all “Excuse me, but WHO is the future queen? Oh right. Me.”

Mamoru is the WOOOOOORRRRRSSSSTTTT! – Rewatching this series has made me realize just how awful Mamoru is. Maybe not as a person, but as a boyfriend. Sure, he had his redeeming moments, such as when he “forgot” Usagi’s birthday (he didn’t know to begin with) and frantically went to buy her a gift and literally RAN to give it to her. But he also was pretty awful, such as when she missed the bus coming back from a trip and he was like “She’s a big girl, she can figure it out.” I mean, yeah, she was, but seriously? The WOOOOOORRRRRSSSSSTTTTT!


Also, when he goes to America and proposes (? or gives a promise ring? It’s very vague – this is why he’s the worst!) at the airport. He doesn’t ask, just hands her the box and says “give me your hand.” Then proceeds to take her hand and put said ring on. Laaaaaaammmmeeee. To be honest, the only season I actually like him in is Season 5. Mostly because he’s “dead” for 90% of the season!

Update: Just finished the last episode of the series. Even though he’s the worst, I STILL cheer and get all mushy when Mamoru comes back. He got back in my good graces. 

I should add that I skipped the first two seasons of this series, so I can’t comment on him being the worst in those two seasons. After my new-found opinions on Mamour I kinda want to leave my memories of those seasons as they are. Which brings me too…

I’m not 100% on board with their relationship – Which is funny to say now because I used to think it was super duper romantic. Now though… it just seems like he’s too cool for school when it comes to Usagi and she’s a pestering little jealous obsessive sister. There. I said it. I know there are moments when they really are romantic and actually seem like they love each other… but there is some major disconnect there (even though I know there’s not supposed to be).


The ending of Episode 196 – Making me ugly cry since 2001. I have watched this entire episode at some point, but I remember watching a clip of the very end years ago. I have zero idea what they were saying (no subtitles) and wasn’t 100% sure what was going on, but doesn’t matter. The scene spoke for itself and it makes me cry EVERY. DANG. TIME.

So yeah! This was so much fun! I’ve been DYING to get these thoughts out since I started re-watching Sailor Moon. I still have lots more thoughts and I’m looking forward to sharing more! 🙂


P.S. I am currently reading the manga and just bought 4 & 5! Can’t wait to dive in!

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