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2017 Resolutions Check-In

Are you the type of person who makes grand New Year’s resolutions and then give them up by January 3rd? Yeah… I am too.

Which is why I made my resolutions on January 4th! Boo-yah!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about goals. I honestly have none. I’m not working towards anything. I have nothing I want to achieve. I feel like I just skate through life la di da. So I thought, just for kicks and giggles, I’d look at my resolutions post I made back in January to see where I’m at with them.

Physically – I am ROCKING this resolution. I did hit a bit of a lull in February – week long work trips to New Orleans during Mardi Gras… need I say more? – but so far I’ve lost about 15 pounds this year, which puts me 1 pound away from my first goal weight. I’ve been eating relatively healthy, using my calorie counter app, and working out 4-6 days a week. I’ve also been incorporating some Pilates in my workout routines, which I’ve really seen help, despite how torturous they are. Pilates is Latin for Satan.*

*no it’s not.

If I ever lose this last pound, my next goal weight is what is on my driver’s license, which hasn’t changed since I was 15.

Financially – I think back in January I went to meet with a financial advisor to discuss setting up a retirement fund. Friends, I have an investment portfolio now! I own stock! I’m super fancy and adulting like a rock star! Except I still spend way too much money on way too much stuff. Now that I’ve started saving for retirement, my next goal is to build up my savings/start a higher yield savings and to reduce my bills. I think I pay way too much for things. Who doesn’t though, amirite?!

Mentally – This is probably the one part of my resolutions that I haven’t focused a ton on, mostly because it just seems to be happening naturally on its own. As it’s supposed to. Bad stuff happens and it takes time to move forward. I still find myself having down days, but I don’t find things shutting me down, if that makes sense. I think I just need to keep letting myself move forward and let time do its thing.

Socially – Meh… spring is not a super social season for me, mostly because I’m O-V-E-R things by March. I did go to the small group I signed up for, but it was only a few weeks. I’ve tried to be more active in organizations, but am probably not putting forth as much effort as I need to. Maybe this summer I’ll try doing something a bit more, broadening my options. Or maybe I’ll be a hermit. Who knows?!

Religiously – I’m still working on finding some balance with this. I do tend to go to extremes and am SO easily swayed into acting in a way that isn’t “me” when it comes to religion. I definitely am the type of person who sees someone who I think is a “better” Christian than me, so I try to be more like them, but then realize (usually after I’m in way deep) that it totally isn’t for me. But I think now that I’ve gotten more into my church and am around more like-minded people, I’m finding myself being a bit more relaxed and being more myself. Hopefully this continues!

Friendshiply – As usual I’m not doing the dynamite job of being a friend. Oh, I’ve tried more and have gotten closer to a couple people, but I still feel like I don’t put forth enough effort with friends. HOWEVER… there are a lot of times when I think “well they don’t call me/invite me places/ask me how I am” about friends and wonder why I should be the only person putting forth effort. I know, I know… to have a friend you have to be a friend. And like, I GET that people are busy and have husbands and babies and work and whatever. It’s still hard to want to make an effort when others aren’t making efforts. Like I said… adult friendships are super hard.

Romantically – My little sister (10 years younger little sister) is getting married. I’m currently debating starting a Go Fund Me account so I can hire a male escort to be my date for the wedding, a la “The Wedding Date.” No… I kid. Slightly. I’m waaaaaay less panicky about dating than I was this time last year (phew!). It’s been nice not feeling so focused on it. And while I still care about finding someone, I don’t care about finding someone ASAP. I did have a major 3-day cry fest when my sister told me she was getting married, so much that I was THIS CLOSE to telling her I couldn’t be her (only) bridesmaid because it was too hard for me. I did get over it and am now super gung ho to help her. During all of this planning (honestly, it’s only been going on for like 3 weeks) I’ve started realizing that I wasn’t actually READY to get married. My heart didn’t want to be married for the right reasons. I think it was more that I didn’t want to be alone or I wanted to have someone to do stuff with or show off with a big flashy wedding. Those aren’t the best reasons to get married. Honestly, in all my years of fantasizing about getting married, I never made it past the “I Dos” in my day dreams. Now, though… romantically I think I’m ready for the marriage part. Next romantically goal: talk to boys.

Bloggishly – Ugh, I’ve totally sucked at this. I think I’ve written 7 posts this year. I have STARTED quite a few, just haven’t finished them. Perhaps I should… One thing I need to do is stop focusing on what The Grown-Up YA and I USED to be, and find out what we can both become. The last thing I want to be is a former A-List celeb who keeps thinking she’s still an A-List celeb, when really she’s now the mom on a CW show made for teens and those teens don’t actually know who she is.

Okay, this was super fun! I really needed to take a moment and evaluate where I am with these resolutions. I may have to do this again!

How have you done with your resolutions? I’d love to hear!

1 thought on “2017 Resolutions Check-In”

  1. I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions this year, but I did get back on the weight loss train in December. I always have renewed energy for reading in the new year, but my blog has slowed way down.


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