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Top Ten Tuesday – Most Intimidating

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.

I’ll admit, I’m not easily intimidated by books. There are some that I might be hesitant to read due to size, content, etc., but for the most part I say bring it on book! However… sometimes… books and topics can be pretty intimidating and make me a little nervous.

Here are my Top Ten Books and Topics that intimidate me:

Anna Karenina – Have you guys ever seen this book? It’s a monster man… a hideous monstrous beast!

The Iliad – I’m reading this one for Classics Retold and it’s super intimidating to me. Seriously, one of the most challenging books I’ve read in quite some time.

The Casual Vacancy – Do I love J.K. Rowling? You know… I don’t really know. I love Harry Potter, but that’s all I’ve read of her. So, I’m a little intimidated/nervous to read anything else she writes. What if I don’t love it? Others have, but what if I don’t?

The Diviners – While I’ve read this one, it was HUGE! I would be majorly intimidated had I wanted to read this entire series at once.

Gone Girl – I’m not so much the type of person who reads books that everyone is reading. Mostly because I end up not liking them that much. This one, though, is a little intimidating because I DO want to read it… but then I worry I won’t like it.

To Kill a Mockingbird – I’ve never read this. Everyone says it’s so good. I just… it scares me.

Okay, can’t really think of anything else specifically…. but here are some topics that intimidate me:

Abuse – This topic makes me feel totally squeamish and unhappy. Books about this topic totally intimidate me because it’s something I find very disturbing.

Politics – Corrupt dystopian government? Bring it. Historical and/or modern politics that helped to shape our country? I will run and hide.

Liberal Agendas – I’m pretty conservative, both politically and personally, so when I’m reading something that’s pretty liberal I get intimidated because I feel like I’m not forward thinking. Like I’m the problem, not part of the solution (which I know totally isn’t true).

Sex – Okay, I’m not a prude by any means, but I’m pretty intimidated by sexual topics, whether it’s losing virginity, coming out of the closet, sexual promiscuity, etc. Not really because I’m offended (promise, I’m not!) but because I’m so “Sex?!” <blushes>.

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Most Intimidating”

  1. I actually read Anna Karenina earlier this year! Definitely intimidating and I didn’t stick with it until my third try! But I read it audiobook plus print, and I found a great reading friend to discuss it with as I read along, and I finished it! I felt so proud of myself because it is HUGE. And now I need to find the courage to watch the movie because I went into the story knowing NOTHING and it threw me for a loop!


  2. I feel the same way about A Casual Vacancy. I’ve had it since the day it was released but then….meh. I will love Harry Potter forever, so it makes me nervous to read something else by her and not like it as much. I’m also dying to read Gone Girl. I loved Gillian Flynn’s novel ‘Sharp Objects’ but again am wondering if she would be able to top herself.


  3. I haven’t read many of these. Everyone should read To Kill a Mockingbird though! I agree with books on Abuse– I find it tough to read, especially because it is such a sensitive subject and I really question whether or not the author fully grasps or handled it well. I also can agree halfway 😉 with you on SEX! You know I love my kissing books, but sometimes it can be too much. I like steamy scenes, but appreciate some things being left to the imagination!


  4. We need to get a readalong together for Anna Karenina – it’s on everyone’s list! 🙂 But To Kill a Mockingbird.. worth it. Worth it, worth it, worth it.


  5. Ha, today’s my happy day? Why? Cause I can go around and brag with the fact that I actually did read Anna Karenina. But seriously, it’s great. It’s an awesome book and once I got into it, I stopped noticing the old-fashioned writing. I also don’t find it very educational, either. It’s just…fun 🙂 The Casual Vacancy is not for everyone, I think. I read it and liked it but of course, Harry Potter is still by far my favorite. It’s certainly worth reading, though, I think!


  6. I read To Kill A Mockingbird for obvious reasons. Loved it!. It’s a great story.

    What about War and Peace? Now this is a book that I want to read but is too intimidated to tackle it.


  7. I am not a classics kind of girl, but I highly recommend Anna Karenina and To Kill a Mockingbird. And Gone Girl. I would read Gone Girl on a plane or something. I read it on a cross-country flight (I hate flying) and when we went to land and I was only about 75% of the way through I kept saying that I hope we need to circle for a while 🙂


  8. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the very few books I had to read in high school that I loved. I really recommend it, and it isn’t really a slow read.


  9. I didn’t put it on my list because I forgot about it, but I passed by Casual Vacancy the other day. It’s long and I am just not sure if I want to read anything from her after Harry Potter. How will it measure up? *worried*


  10. You couldn’t go to my university without reading The Illiad; it was the book every freshman had to read the summer before school started! Anna I had to read my junior year in college for a class about books & their film adaptations. The Diviners is a LONG read, but it’s incredibly well researched and fabulously written. Gone Girl was my first audio book. I highly recommend it as an audiobook, because it’s epistolary, and there aren’t too many characters to keep track of — plus the voice actors were excellent! And please, please, please, as a Southerner you MUST read To Kill a Mockingbird!


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