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2015 Challenges: June-October Wrap-up

As you can see from the title of this post, it’s been a long time since I did challenge wrap-up post. Whoops! In my defense, life has been pretty busy. Not that I need to defend my blogging choices. I’m just saying… this girl’s been busy! But I haven’t been neglecting reading and challenging as much as I’ve been neglecting my blog! I wanted to post what I’ve read over the past 5 months and see how far I am into my challenges.

Goodreads Challenge

So as of right now I am 16 books behind in my reading challenge. I have to read 28 books between now and Dec 31. I can… do it? Luckily I count novellas and rereads as part of my challenge, so both of those may help!


I’ve ready quite a good bit of fantasy, no surprise there! Some of the better ones though have been read closer to date, like Walk On Earth A Stranger. Really loved this one! Although… I don’t know if that’s so much fantasy as it is magical western. Meh, I’m counting it! Others also include Ash & Bramble, Isle of the Lost, Silver in the Blood, Queen of Shadows, and Mortal Heart!

Classics Challenge



Re-Read Challenge

This is by far my favorite challenge I think! I did a lot of rereading over the summer, which was really nice. To get me ready to read Mortal Heart, I reread the first to books in the series, Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph. I also reread the Iron Fey series… and am now realizing that I didn’t mark I read The Iron Knight… must fix that immediately! Yay, only 27 books to go now! I also reread an old romance novel… once again proving that I need a stronger female character in a romance novel.

Smarty Pants Challenge

Finally got to read “Why Not Me?” by Mindy Kaling. Definitely a winner in my book!

blog_organization_buttonI don’t think this is going on anymore…

Next month on The Grown-Up YA…


Classics Challenge: Negatory

Flights of Fantasy: ???

Reread Challenge: ???

Smarty Pants Challenge: TBD

Book Organization: whomp whomp


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