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Halloween Flicks: Corpse Bride

You know how there are some holidays that just aren’t complete without an annual watching of certain movies and/or shows? For me, Halloween is one of those holidays and I have several movies that I MUST watch during the month of October!

corpse bride

Corpse Bride, while not a new movie, is a newer October/Halloween movie for me. I’ve only watched it for the past few years, but every time I do I seem to find something new to take away. This years’ viewing was no different!

In case you’ve never seen Corpse Bride or don’t know what it’s about, here’s a brief summary:

Victor is engaged to Victoria. Nervous about saying his wedding vows, he flees to the woods where he practices saying them. After placing the ring on what he thought was a twig, Victor suddenly finds himself married… to a corpse.

corpse bride 3

The whole story is a little twisted and has a very folk-story feel to it – I tried looking it up, but results were a little hazy. But I think what always draws me in is that it’s just full of emotions: love, hurt, betrayal, revenge, compassion, longing…. okay, not all of those are emotions, but they can tug on your emotions!

As I said before, every time I watch this movie I take away something new. The one scene that REALLY hit me was when Emily, the corpse bride, has discovered that Victor is in love with Victoria and she wails to him about how he is hers and he shouldn’t want to be with Victoria, that he should be with her. Guys, that one hit me right in the feels.

corpse bride 4

There are also some really fun moments that will leave you giggling. And don’t get me started on the music numbers! They’ll leave your toes tapping.

I know this movie chat is brief, but trust me when I say you should give this movie a try. It’s visually stunning, has a great story, and is fun for the whole family. And it will probably come on ABC Family at least 15 times in the next few weeks, so you’ll have ample amounts of time to watch!


5 thoughts on “Halloween Flicks: Corpse Bride”

  1. You know, I’ve never actually seen The Corpse Bride. I know, that’s crazy. I need to fix that clearly! 🙂

    I have some movies that I enjoy watching for different holidays, too. Like I always need to watch some kind of ballet (It doesn’t even have to be The Nutcracker) around Christmas.


    1. You do!!!! It’s really a cute movie. I love the story too!
      While Halloween movies – the cute ones, not scary ones – are a must at Halloween, I think Christmas time is when I get very particular about movies. Like I cannot watch It’s a Wonderful Life any night except Christmas Eve. Or it’s not Christmas time until I’ve watched either Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, or the Grinch.


  2. Same here on adding it to my traditional Halloween watches! Love the story and ending as I am a romantic softy and beam over happy endings–even with sordid love triangles when you are unsure of who the right one to choose might be.


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