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True Story Thursday: Homeowner

So a couple months ago I wrote a True Story Thursday about buying a house. Now, at this time I was in the very, VERY baby steps process of it, so there wasn’t really a whole lot to report on other than I was crazy stressed about it and crazy excited.

That being said, as of 8/21/15, I OWN A FREAKING HOUSE!!!

I cannot begin to explain to you how I’m feeling about it, because it would look a lot like this: aoinavsclknwoeirin!!!!! aksnfoasdknifaoi lk;kpojgnakldnafdl??oi1!!!


But my editor (local publication I write for) encouraged me to write about the whole process, so I’m giving it a shot.

The house that I bought was NOT the first house that I put an offer on and wasn’t even a house that had been in the running at the very beginning. I’d gone to look at it a while ago and went under the mindset that I wouldn’t even like the house. Guys… I FREAKING FELL IN LOVE! It felt like a home to me, despite all the Auburn University decor and the hideous floor to ceiling wallpaper in the kitchen. But, then that night, I guess I talked myself out of it. Too much work to do, too much updating, etc. So as quickly as it came into the running it ran right out.

I then found another house that I loved. It was literally perfect. The flooring was top notch, it had lots of really nice amenities, the backyard… oohhhh the backyard. PERFECT! My mom came to look at it with me and after we look we went out to dinner to chat about it. We weighed pros and cons, and after deliberating and French fries, I told my realtor I wanted to make an offer. Later in the evening when I actually told her what price I wanted to offer, I started crying. Maybe that was a sure sign that this was not meant to be…

The next day my realtor called me and basically the sellers rejected my offer. My response? “Okay, let’s move on to the next one!” Even though I had talked myself out of the Auburn house, that turned out to be the next one. I went to look at the house two more times, once with each of my parents, and every time I stepped into the house it felt more and more like home. After my third visit, I made an offer.

And then I waited.

Okay, really, I didn’t wait THAT long. I think it was less than 24 hours. I got a call from my realtor the afternoon following my offer and she let me know that he accepted my offer. I started crying at my desk. I couldn’t help it! True tears of joy!

Next thing on the checklist was to start working on the financing. I’d already been pre-approved, so all that was really left was to sign the forms and send it off to the lender. I be-bopped along, getting SO excited about my house, that I never actually stopped to consider: what if something went wrong?

And it did. One Friday afternoon I got a call from my mortgage guy. He said, and I quote, “I don’t think this is going to work.” I won’t go into the rest of the phone conversation/squalling call to my mom, mostly because I don’t remember it, but it was so upsetting that I had to leave work early and went straight to my parents’. I can’t remember the last time I cried that hard and that long. No one tells you about the devastation and major set-backs during the home buying process.

Now, obviously, you know how the story plays out… I bought the house. There was another loan route that ended up working and everything turned out fine. But after that set-back I had the hardest time getting excited about the house. I had no desire whatsoever to look at house stuff, to think about the house, or even talk about it. Until I had signed the last paper and been handed the keys, I REFUSED to make any assumptions that I was good with the house.

I’m going to skip through the closing because basically all you need to know about it is that I signed a million papers (luckily I LOVE signing my name so I was cool with that) and then the lawyer said “Congratulations, you own the house.” My mom had come with me to the closing, mostly for moral support, and then afterwards we went to eat some yummy comfort food lunch. Then it was off to the house!

We hung out there for a little bit, just chatting about what I could do in it. Mom had to leave so after hugs goodbye I was alone in my new house. MY house. It still feels excellent saying that.

After I closed the front door I went into the living room, sat on the floor, and cried. Yep, I cried. It was like all that emotion and hope and excitement that had built up for months finally came out. I then prayed for blessings on the house and for God to make it a home for me.

And then I rolled across the living room floor. Like I was 3. Whatever. I own a house!

me houseI’ve got a lot of work to do on it, mostly modernizing it, but I can’t wait to get started! Hopefully I’ll get to share my homeowning journey with you all! Stay tuned! 🙂


5 thoughts on “True Story Thursday: Homeowner”

  1. Congrats!!! We haven’t bought a house (yet), but everyone I know that has, has had such a frustrating experience with the whole process. Glad to know not to go in with high expectations if/when we ever get to that point. Enjoy your new home! And be sure to get all those nasty Auburn decorations out ASAP!


    1. It’s a lot, but definitely worth it! My advice is to find a good real estate agent and a great mortgage person. And to avoid Googling “how to buy a house.” The Auburn decorations are GONE! Considering hiring a priest to come exorcise the house before the game on Saturday! 😉


  2. Candice, that’s wonderful! Congrats!!! It’s so emotional buying a house. When I was looking for a house, I looked at so many, and none of them were right. I was getting really discouraged, and then. BOOM, there was my house. Which was not perfect. It needed (and still does need) so much work, but I knew it was for me. And I have never regretted it a day.

    I hope you share pictures when you get settled.


  3. Congratulations! The house buying process is definitely rough; my husband and I have been looking for our second home together for months now. We made an offer on the second house we saw but it was rejected, and nothing has lived up since! I’m glad you got everything worked out and love where you are now!




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