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2015 Challenges: May Wrap-up

WHERE DID MAY GO?! WHY IS IT ALREADY JUNE?! More importantly… HOW IS IT ALMOST MID-JUNE?!?! I tell you what… this month has gotten away from me so far. Between traveling and work being hellacious this week, I feel like I haven’t had a lot of time to breathe. But I finally do and am finally getting to sit down and catch up. While my May Wrap-Up is a little late… better late than never, right?

Goodreads Challenge

I read a pretty good bit during May. Go me! 9 books, yassss!


Not a ton of fantasy this month, but I read Magonia (not a fan), The Red Queen (ermagah sooooo good!), and The Winner’s Crime (hello, I cannot wait til the next one). While I’m not counting it towards this challenge, I also read Ella Enchanted, which is honestly one of my favorites.

Classics Challenge

May Book: Anne of Green Gables

I’ve said it a million times, but I don’t remember if I read this when I was a kid. If I did, I wish I remembered because it was SO GOOD! If I didn’t, I feel grossly deprived. I lucked out and got an almost complete set (for $.99 mind you!) of the books, so I’m excited to read the rest of that Anne girl’s story!

Re-Read Challenge

I reread Ella Enchanted!!!!!! If you’ve never read this one, you need to do so. It’s middle grade, but oh so enchanting. Not that middle grade CAN’T be enchanting, but I’m not a middle grade reader for the most part. ANYWAY… this is one of my favorite books, mostly because it’s just incredibly adorable and sweet and funny and, and, and… just read it.

Smarty Pants Challenge

No Smarty Pants this month… But I did meet Mindy Kaling whose newest book “Why Not Me?” will be a part of this challenge later on in the year!


I gave up. Whomp whomp.

Next month on The Grown-Up YA…


Unpack all my BEA books

Classics Challenge: Tess of the D’Ubervilles

Flights of Fantasy: ???

Reread Challenge: ???

Smarty Pants Challenge: TBD

Book Organization: whomp whomp


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