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BEA is almost here!!!

As you know, BEA is next week. I’m getting extremely excited about my trip and very anxious for my travel day (Tuesday) to be here. I’ve shucked my insecurities and anxieties about going, which is always a nice feeling. My packing list has been made, I’m quickly getting my work stuff in order, and I’ve gotten most of my ducks in a row for when I’m up in NYC. WHEW! 🙂

So to get ready for BEA, I wanted to share some of my plans with you!

Books I’m REALLY wanting to get

Part of me is starting to get nervous that BEA will be like Christmas of 1982 trying to get a Cabbage Patch Kid. Look friends… No book is worth that much to me to throw an elbow for, but there are a few that I will probably stalk the lines 3 hours early for.

Royal Wedding – Guys, I love this series and I love Meg Cabot. I’m not saying I’d start anything because a princess stays classy even in the most dire of situations, but get in my way and I will give you the dirtiest look imaginable.

Truthwitch – Pretty sure this is one that everyone will be racing for. I kinda just want to go meet Susan Dennard. Don’t get me wrong; I’m excited for the book. But a quick “hello!” with Susan would be more than enough for me.

Six of Crows – My feelings towards this one is similar to Truthwitch. I met Leigh Bardugo a couple years ago at the Decatur Book Festival and she was just lovely. Would love to say hello again!

Why Not Me? – I will throw an elbow for this one. My Southern sensibilities will probably force me to say something like “Oh, I am so sorry!” in my best Scarlet O’Hara impression, but watch out friends.

(Obviously I am KIDDING about my violent tendencies here. Please don’t think I’m this type of person!)

My outfits

I’ve spent the past few weeks stressing over what to wear. I think I’ve finally narrowed it down and I’m kind of excited about my outfits! I’m also going to pretend that they are “themed” to make myself feel more pumped up for them. Also, now you’ll know what to look out for in case you want to run into me! 🙂

Outfit #1 – Tea Time


This will probably look a lot different actually ON me, but I’m pretty pleased with how this looks put together. Not sure if you can tell from the picture, but there are hedgehogs on my shirt. Hence it’s my Tea Time outfit!

Outfit #2 – Girl on Fire


So there’s really NOTHING Hunger Games-ish about this outfit other than the shirt is bright orange. However, when I put my Peeta ring on…

20131222-135629.jpgBAM! Hunger Games!

Outfit #3 – Loki


I know, I know… Thor is my favorite. But you know what? There wasn’t an article about a Thor outfit and therefore the Loki one won. I’m a fan of this outfit mostly because I kinda like how the green looks on me. Also the necklace is super fun!

My Plans

I was really worried about not having anything to do in the evenings, but lo and behold I now have most of my evenings planned! Yay!

Tuesday I am heading to Brooklyn for the Jenny Han party, which I’m really excited about! I just recently read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and LOVED it! It was oh so sweet and I cannot wait to read the sequel!

Thursday night one of my roomies and I are going to see WICKED!!! Wicked on Broadway… THAT’S THE DREAM!

Friday I’m going to a blogger get together dinner in the park shindig which really excites me because it means getting to hang out with some of my absolute favorite blogger friends!

Today (and the next few days) simply CANNOT go fast enough!!! I can’t wait to get up there and get my trip started, meet people, and just enjoy everything!


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