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Childhood Crushes

The other day I tweeted the following:

It was really just a joke, but it got me thinking about these characters who basically defined what I consider to be romantic.

One of the most important aspects of my reviews (in my opinion 😉 ) are my Crush Levels in which I talk about how much I liked the romantic object of affection in a book. Mostly these are all new boys and while I have developed some pretty intense crushes, I wouldn’t say many of them will stick with me 20 years later like my childhood crushes did. I wanted to take a moment and share 3 of them with you.

Almanzo Wilder

almanzo wilder

Okay, Dean Butler will always be Almanzo Wilder to me, but I fell hard for him way before I started watching Little House on the Prairie. There’s one scene in particular in These Happy Golden Years where he, after having proposed to Laura, comes over to dinner one evening. He gives her a gift of this little gold brooch that’s etched with a pretty scene on it. She thanks him, but then he says almanzo wilder 2flirtatiously “Can’t you thank a man better than that?” And then she kisses him. Even at 12 I knew this was the type of man I wanted. Almanzo was not a man of many pretty words or overly swoony, but he just had this sturdiness about him, so when there was flirting, it made my preteen heart flutter and makes my old lady self smile.

The next two crushes are proof that us kids of the 90s were absurdly lucky to have had the Disney Channel of the 90s. None of this “tween” shizz that they play now (except for Wizards of Waverly Place; that show is gold). They had excellent programming, especially in the evenings when it became Adult Disney Channel. Seeing this before my favorite shows and movies was the highlight of many nights!

Gus Pike

gus pike

Tell me friends… was there ANYONE who did not have a crush on Gus Pike? I mean, maybe if you didn’t watch Avonlea as a kid and have no idea who he is… but even then… GET THEE TO 1990!

Taking NONE. OF. IT.
Taking NONE. OF. IT.

I think what I liked about Gus was that while he genuinely loved Felicity King (who is my total spirit animal) he took none of her shit. NONE. OF. IT. Now, I don’t want a guy who is constantly badgering me or whatever, but I know that I can be a handful sometimes and I think that I need someone to tell me when I’m out of line from time to time. And Gus… man… I LIVED for seeing him on Avonlea. When he went away for a while, I was so sad. When he died, I was HEARTBROKEN! But then he didn’t die and all was right with the world! And if I’ve just spoiled Avonlea for you… my bad. However, it’s been off air for almost 20 years. I’m just saying…

Gilbert Blythe

gilbert blythe

I don’t remember if I read Anne of Green Gables when I was a kid… I really don’t. But I did grow up watching the movie and man oh man… Gilbert Blythe. I don’t think I’ve ever developed a crush gilbert blythe 2on a boy that teased me cruelly – c’mon… Gilbert Blythe calling Anne “carrots” was kinda cruel – but that aside, Gilbert’s actions throughout the remainder of the movie* more than made up for his indiscretion. I love that despite Anne’s bitchiness (whatever, she knew she was being this way) he still tried to warm up to her. When he saves her from the bridge in his boat… oh my heart swoons every time I see that! He was just this great boy who had flaws and wasn’t over the top, and sometimes was kind of a little snot, but there was something about him… maybe the sharp way he wears a hat? But yeah, Gilbert… sigh…

*I just finished reading the book… yeah, Gilbert is just as adorable on paper as he was on film.

So who did you crush on as a girl? Let’s chat!


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