Young Adult

2015 Challenges: April Wrap-up

HOW is it May already?! April was kind of a slower month for me, despite the fact that it seemed to zoom on by. Here’s what (little) I’ve done in April:

Goodreads Challenge

I read quite a lot this month! 6 whole books! Not a single novella! Gooooo me!


As always, most of the books I read this month were fantasy books. I finally read Red Queen and LOVED it! Loved, loved, LOVED!

Classics Challenge

April Book: Swapped Tess of the D’Ubervilles for The Princess Bride

I decided to read the Princess Bride this month rather than Tess mostly because I had read As You Wish and felt like they went hand in hand together. I’m kind of sad to say… I didn’t really like it. Oh, there were parts that I enjoyed, but most of them were because they were my favorite parts of the movie. Oh well. I’m very glad to say that I’ve actually read the book though!

Re-Read ChallengeDidn’t reread anything this month… I did start the audio of Fangirl, which is a reread, but haven’t finished it yet.

Smarty Pants Challenge

As You Wish by Cary Elwes. Guys, I super duper loved this one!!! It was fantastic!


I did nothing. NOTHING. One of my goals was to try to learn Pintrest, which I sort of did, but haven’t really gotten on it much. I’m just starting to think this isn’t for me.

Next month on The Grown-Up YA…


Classics Challenge: Anne of Green Gables

Flights of Fantasy: Mortal Heart (I MUST READ THIS!!!) (I’ve said this for the past 2 months)

Reread Challenge: Grave Mercy, Dark Triumph (It’s gotta happen this month… gotta happen!) (Ditto…)

Smarty Pants Challenge: TBD

Book Organization: Updates, Updates, Updates!


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