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Featured Fairy Tales: Bluebeard


Featured Fairy Tale: Once upon a time there was a very wealthy nobleman who was shunned because of his blue beard. He had been married several times, but each of his wives had bluebeardmysteriously disappeared. Because of this, all the young girls in town avoided him. Bluebeard wished to remarry and visited one of his neighbors, asking permission to marry one of his two daughters. Each of the daughters tried to pass Bluebeard to the other, but he eventually convinced the younger daughter to visit him at his home. Bluebeard hosted a wonderful banquet and, afterwards, persuaded the girl to marry him.

Very shortly after their wedding, Bluebeard announced he must leave for a while. He gave his wife all the keys to his house, telling her that each key opened a door which hid his most valuable bluebeard 3treasures. He also gave her a key to a small room beneath the house, but explained that she must not open that door under any circumstances. She vows that she will not. He then leaves.

Her older sister comes to visit while Bluebeard is away. The younger sister is overcome with curiosity of the room and, despite her sister’s warnings, decides to unlock the forbidden door. As soon as the door is open she discovers her husband’s terrible secret: the floor is covered in blood and hanging from hooks one the wall are her husband’s murdered wives. In shock she drops the key onto the pool of blood, which she later finds will not wash off.

She reveals her husband’s murderous past to her sister and they both plan to flee Bluebeard’s home. But before they can leave he arrives home unexpectedly and sees the blood on the key, realizing that she has been in the secret room. He threatens to chop off her head but she begs him for a quarter of an hour to say her prayers. He agrees and she and her sister flee to the highest tower, where they lock themselves in.

Bluebeard chases them up to the tower, sword in hand. Just as he is about to deliver the fatal blow, the sisters’ two brothers break into the castle. Bluebeard tries to flee but they brothers catch him and kill him. Having left no heir, all of Bluebeard’s riches are inherited by the younger sister. She uses part of her new-found wealth as a dowry for her sister, to pay commissions for her two brothers, and to marry a worthy gentleman who helps her forget about her murderous first husband.

bluebeard 2Why I love it: This may sound kind of hipster, but I think I love it because it’s not an extremly well-known fairy tale. It’s also really dark and there’s pretty much absolutely no way of Disney-fying it. I also feel like if this was written in a modern setting, the whole story would start on Tinder. Bluebeard would totally be on Tinder.

Why you’ll love it: Because it’s DARK! Seriously one of the darker fairy tales out there, it’s sure to give you the chills. It also reminds me of a really awful scary story you’d tell around a campfire. So if you’re into those, this one is surely one you want to take to your next camping trip!

Awesome Retellings: There are some GREAT retellings of Bluebeard out there! Check these out!

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Did you review any of these retellings? Let me know and I’ll add your review link on here!

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