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2015 Challenges: Book Blogger Organization Challenge April

I’m participating in The Book Addict’s Guide Book Blogger Organization Challenge! Huzzah!



March was a relatively decent month for me with my organization challenge. While I didn’t get QUITE everything I wanted to do done, I did a good bit!

  • Update Contact Me, and Review Policies pages
  • Create features pages/Link up features

    • Top Ten Tuesdays
    • True Story Thursdays
    • Retro Reads
    • Featured Fairy Tales
  • Catch up on reviews
  • Clean up Social Media Accounts
  • The Goodreads Project
  • Cross-Posting
  • Keep Stats Organized

See? I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished!

April is, as Brittany calls it, a scary month. We’re working on graphics and CSS. While I understand a teensy bit of CSS code stuff and know just enough to get me in trouble, I’m honestly not going to mess with any of that. I’m not even really sure if there would be anything on my blog to mess with in regards to CSS. So… on to graphics!

Like CSS, I know just enough about making graphics to get in trouble. I have the whole Adobe suite (whatever) at work, so I have access to Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, the works. And while I know how to use them and feel like occasionally I can create some cute graphics, I feel like my imagination is stunted when it comes to WHAT I want to design.

Brittany mentioned that she has a Pintrest board where she pins different graphics – headers, buttons, etc. – that she likes so she can get ideas for her own blog. She does warn about not copying someone’s stuff, but I like the idea of having an inspiration board for blog design.

So here are my goals for April:

  • Design graphics for features
    • True Story Thursdays
    • Retro Reads/Retro Reads by YOU!
    • Top Ten Tuesday (I already have one of these on my home page, but don’t really like it)
    • Classics Challenge
    • GUYA’s Favorite Things
  • Create inspiration board
    • Learn how to use Pintrest first
  • Catch up on reviews

Honestly, I think the most important thing on here is learning how to use Pintrest. I have an account for the blog but… don’t really understand Pintrest. I’m sure it’s not hard to use, but I think it’s just one of those things I don’t “get.” I feel like such an old fuddy duddy.

Anywho… happy April! Here’s to learning more!



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