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Top Ten Tuesday – Revisiting Childhood

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.toptentuesday

Top Ten Books from my Childhood? That I would love to revisit? This Top Ten Tuesday topic could not BE any better for me!

Books MADE UP my childhood. There is not a single time in my life where I remember being without a book. Our house was always filled with them, from Little Golden Books to fairy tales to Sweet Valley Kids/Twins to grocery store romance novels. I never wanted for something to read!

If you’ve ever seen my Retro Reads Thursday feature I used to do, you’ll know that I’m big on nostalgia reading! There are just some books that shaped my childhood and are still with me today.

Today’s Top Ten features books from my childhood that I’d like to revisit:

Tickle a Pickle – This little book of rhymes was pretty tricky to find online… not to mention I had to weed through many more… risque books. Tickle a Pickle is a book of silly poems. Its title comes from one of the poems by the same name; I only remember the first two lines: Tickle a Pickle! Say “eek!” to a leek! Trust me when I say this book had me giggling all the time. I’d love to be able to revisit this one, especially when I have kids of my own!

Midnight in the DollhousePretty sure I read this one enough to have memorized it! It’s the story of this tomboy-ish girl in post-Civil War era who has an accident and becomes lame. So her mom or aunt or dad… someone gives her this family of little dolls. She ends up loving them, despite the fact that she’s never liked dolls before, and makes them clothes and yada yada yada. Then her cousin comes to visit and things are turned upside down because she has a doll too and there’s a mystery and the dolls talk and move and… yeah now that I’m thinking about it the story sounds kind of creepy. But it was one of my favorites and was probably the reason I am still obsessed with doll houses (regardless of not actually having one).

Young JoanI’ve said this time and time again: the library should have just gifted me this book because I checked it out so often. It’s the story of Joan of Arc before she became the heroine of France. While it’s a story, rather than a biography, I loved seeing this every day girl, especially since I knew she was so important. And I might have felt very grown up because they talked about “real” things, like getting periods and having crushes on boys.

Who Comes With Cannons – I went through a phase where I LOVED the Civil War and the 1800s in general. I don’t know where I found this book, but I read it so many times as a kid. It tells the story of a young Quaker girl whose father dies and she goes to live with her Quaker relatives in North Carolina. She’s from like Indiana, so everyone calls her a Yankee due to her accent. But then the war breaks out and her relatives end up being part of the Underground Railroad… it’s pretty exciting!

The Juniper Game  – “Do you remember you first book you read that had a minor bit of “sexy times” and you felt all grown up for reading it? I’m not talking about the romance novels of your mom’s (or dad’s… this is an equal opportunity blog here, people) that you might have swiped and sneak-read. I’m talking about an age appropriate book that had age appropriate sexy times and you felt age appropriate kind of excited about it.” That is a direct quote from my Retro Reads post on this book. The Juniper Game was pretty different from books I normally read; I loved historical books and, while this one did take place in modern day, it wove in some great historical scenes! Here’s also another great quote from the post: There was some heavy petting (for the early 90s, this was HUGE), some making out, some aggressive boyfriend behavior… I felt so adult reading this because clearly this stuff didn’t happen to nerdy girls named Candice.

Catherine, Called Birdy I bought this book at a Scholastic Book Fair in maybe late elementary school. To this day I don’t think I’ve read a book that I loved as much as I loved this one! Catherine is the daughter of a minor lord in medieval England and is convinced by an older brother to journal about her daily life. It’s HILARIOUS the scrapes she gets into, in addition to the daily struggles she has. If there is one book I’d ever recommend to a young reader, this would be it! 

Any of the Double Trouble books – Do any of you remember these books? Sandi and Randi, identical twins, basically pull a switcheroo on their unsuspecting parents or friends in each of the books. There’s one where one of the twins wins a date (or something) with a popular teen pop star and the twins pull switcheroos on him. There’s another where they go visit their cousin Mandi, who is an actress in Hollywood and… IS IDENTICAL TO THEM! (spoiler: it’s because the twins’ dad is Mandi’s dad’s twin brother, and the twins’ mom is Mandi’s mom’s twin sister! CRAZY!) I remember them being oh so good and fun!

This Top Ten Tuesday comes at a GREAT time because I want to re-open my Retro Reads by YOU! feature that I did a while ago. This feature will spotlight you and what you read as a young adult. If you’re interested in signing up, I invite you to here!



6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Revisiting Childhood”

  1. I need to check out that dollhouse book! I don’t know that one, but books with dolls or dollhouses were ones I loved as a child. I still have a healthy obsession with miniatures, though I haven’t had as much time for that hobby lately. I love the diversity of books you have on your list for today!


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