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2015 Challenges: Book Blogger Organization Challenge March

I’m participating in The Book Addict’s Guide Book Blogger Organization Challenge! Huzzah!


February was busy. I didn’t have time to do anything. Blah, blah, blah. Okay, here’s the deal: I suck at this challenge. I didn’t actually do any of my goals IN February… but I did manage to do a few over the past week! So… maybe I don’t suck at this challenge so much as I just suck at keeping to deadlines. Which we all know about me.

  • Cleaning up my Summer Reading pagethis is where I link all my book reviews

    • Add new books with links
  • Update my Report Card page
    • Make sure this is still accurate
  • Update my About Me, Contact Me, and Review Policies pages
  • Create features pages/Link up features

    • Top Ten Tuesdays
    • True Story Thursdays
    • Retro Reads
    • Featured Fairy Tales
  • Catch up on reviews

    • Not really part of the organization challenge per se… I’m just super behind on this!

So you see? I did do SOME of my goals!

This month the Blogger Organization Challenge has us working on Social Media. Which is pretty super for me because let’s face it: I don’t do a lot of social media so I don’t have much to organize there! There are really four goals that are listed for this month:

Clean up Social Media Accounts

The Goodreads Project


Keep Your Stats Organized

One of the things I’d like to do is go through my Twitter account and unfollow people. Not people I chat with or enjoy following, but more like people I only followed because it was part of their giveaway requirements or dead accounts or… well, whatever really. I sometimes feel like my feed is too cluttered with stuff I DON’T care to see that I miss out on people I DO care to see!

Something I’d like to see myself doing with social media is scheduling tweets, maybe doing one of the archives tweeter things people use. I’ve had to schedule Facebook posts for an organization I’m in, and I liked doing it, so I think I could use that same method for my blog. I just need to figure out HOW to do it. I also want to update my Tumblr page a bit more; I really like it for random posts and sharing various quotes as I’m reading books!

The Goodreads Project is basically just cleaning up your Goodreads. I did this back in January, but feel like my Goodreads page could use another wipe down. I’d also like to create some new shelves, such as a “look for at the library” or “look for at the used bookstore” shelf. My To-Read shelf is way too big to scroll through when I’m at the library or store, so it would be nice to have a smaller, handy list in case I make a random trip to the library or bookstore!

I’ve never cross-posted, mostly because I my posts automatically link to Twitter and that’s good enough for me. But Brittany brings up cross-posting to places like Goodreads (I actively don’t publish posts on Goodreads; I’ll make a few comments but that’s about it), NetGalley and Edelweiss (something I NEED to be better at doing!), and even sending feedback to publicists. While I don’t know how far I’ll get on doing this, I hope this is something I can at least look into and see how it can be beneficial to my blog!

Stats… the bane of my blogging existence. I used to be super concerned about my stats to the point where I got upset if they dipped. Now I’m just excited if I get 100 views on a post. This particular part of the challenge has us looking at not only our stats but our followers. While I like that I have a good amount of followers, I don’t know how many are active followers. Although, honestly, I don’t really care. Hey, you’re following my blog! Thank you! 🙂

But honestly… I like that Brittany points out that she has a file that she uses for requesting books and keeps it updated with her stats. While I don’t do a lot of book requesting, this is something I’d like to get back into doing so I think rebuilding my blog is something I need to focus on. While stats are the devil at times, I do know they can be important tools. Blah.

So there you have it… I didn’t make hard goals for this month because most of these goals are things I’m not 100% familiar with or feel like I need to learn more about. This month is going to be a lot more research and asking questions than a to-do list.

Do you have any advice? What are some ways you keep your stats updated or cross-post to different platforms?


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