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2015 Challenges: February Wrap-up

February is OVER!!!! Seriously guys, it was truly a rough month and I’m very glad that it will be smooth sailing for the next few months. I didn’t do anything this month except work. No personal stuff, no clubs, no exciting things… just work, work, work! Needless to say, I didn’t read much in February. But here’s what I did manage to do this past month:

Goodreads Challenge

I read 4 books in February, which surprises me A LOT. Still behind on my Goodreads Challenge, but now that my busyness is behind me I’m hoping I can make up for lost reading time!


So all 4 books I read in January were Fantasy, so hooray not falling behind on this challenge! I read Gilded Ashes by Rosemary Hodge, Doon by Carey Corp, Dearest by Alethea Kontis, and reread Fire by Kristen Cashore

Classics Challenge

January Book: Sense and Sensibility – Didn’t even pick it up.

Look, this Classics Challenge may be slightly too difficult for me to continue – not something I’m actually saying! I will read Sense and Sensibility dadgumit and I will enjoy it!

Re-Read ChallengeFire by Kristen Cashore – OMG I lovvvvveeeee this book! It was so amazing the second time around. I loved rediscovering all the intrigue, romance, and politics in it. Very good reread!

Smarty Pants Challenge

I didn’t read any Smarty Pants books this month. I’m only reading a handful this year, so maybe I’ll pick up one next month.


Yeah… um… I didn’t do anything really. My bad. Well, no, I take that back… I did update my Summer Reading page and link up all my reviews. Too bad I just realized yesterday that I don’t have that page public… whomp whomp

Next month on The Grown-Up YA…


Classics Challenge: Sense and Sensibility and Jane Eyre (mannn…. <rolls eyes at life choices>

Flights of Fantasy: Mortal Heart

Reread Challenge: Grave Mercy, Dark Triumph

Smarty Pants Challenge: TBD

Book Organization: Updates, Updates, Updates!


Comments make me happy, as do you!

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