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True Story Thursday: OTSP Secret Sister

Last fall when OTSPSS was floating around, I had zero clue what was going on… and I’m good friends with one of the organizers! Whaaa?

But in case you don’t know what it is, OTSPSS is On The Same Page Secret Sister. Basically a 6 month long secret Santa set-up, but it’s really more about sending sweet notes, little happies, and just general kindness to a “secret pal.” I decided to join up in this round and am uber excited about it! I have some fun ideas for my secret sister and I’m really, really hoping she likes them!

There’s been a lot of Twitter chatting going on using the hashtag #OTSPSecretSister. So far it’s mostly seemed like asking questions and people answering. The general “getting to know you” stage. I’ve managed to answer a few questions, but I just don’t follow it as well as others. Mostly because there’s SO MUCH OF IT. Which is great because it means everyone is engaged and happy and excited. All good things!

So for today’s True Story Thursday I thought I would look up a few questions that have been asked over the past couple weeks and answer them on here. This isn’t really a “so the person who has me will know what to buy me” type post; instead it’s a “I want all my follower friends to know me a little better and in turn let me know them so we can all become better friends!” type post. Just wanted to clarify that because honestly… you could send me a used Kleenex* and as long as you send it with love and kindness, I’ll be over the moon.

(*please don’t send a used Kleenex; that’s just gross)

Do you have to have your books in matching formats in a series?

While I like them matching, it doesn’t super bother me. My Harry Potter books, my most beloved set of books, are all mismatched. Prisoner of Askaban is actually a large print version and then Deathly Hallows is a hardback. The rest are paperback. I’ve considered updating and getting a shiny new set, but here’s my thoughts on books: I want the books I fell in love with. Sometimes I’ll have read a library copy or an online copy and then purchase the hardback series. Sometimes I’ll have an ARC and will upgrade it to a hardback so it matches. But in the end, it’s the words inside that I fall in love with, not the material of their cover.

Are any of you hoping that you and your sister will become pen pals of sorts?

Wouldn’t that be FUN?! I sometimes miss the days of snail mail. While it’s always easier to Tweet or email or text… there’s something so heartwarming about sitting down with a crisp piece of paper or notecard and handwriting lovely thoughts to someone. I don’t have any expectations of becoming pen pals with my secret sister, but would love to be able to drop her a note here and there!

Are you guys going to wrap your gifts in wrapping paper?

Okay, this isn’t so much an “about me” but I just want to throw out that I LOVE when people wrap gifts that they send to me. One of my Selective Collective girls sent me a Secret Santa gift 2 Christmases ago and she wrapped everything in Disney paper. Knowing how much she loves Disney, I didn’t even have to guess who it was from! Now me wrapping gifts… I’m not a very good gift wrapper. I try though!

What kind of tea would you guys like?

I LOVE Earl Grey tea! Also a big fan of Chai but still can’t master making a decent cup yet.

Okay, here is where I got bored with scrolling through questions… I’ll just post some fun facts about me:

  • While I LOVE all the cutesy things like POP figures or bookish tshirts, I also realistically know that I will never display/wear these things and find them, for me, to be a waste of money. I do love a good tote bag and would carry one with something bookish on it!
  • I LOOOOVVVVEEEE stationary. While I don’t sepcifically want this, isn’t it adorable?! This is so my style!
  • I collect post cards from my travels, but love when people send me post cards! Apparently my great gmom collected them too and we recently found an album she kept of them. I am adding mine to her collection!
  • TV shows I love: Parks and Recreation, Downton Abbey, Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones. This being said, I rarely actually watch these when they come on. Netflix binger here!
  • I’m president of my sorority’s alumnae group  so I have a good bit of turquoise and grey things (our colors). I also have a crown tattoo (one of our symbols) and love strawberries (another symbol). While I don’t NEED more of any of this, I love little things that have these items on it.
  •  I write for a local publication so I’ll never say no to a good red pen.
  • Recently I moved into an office at work (yay!) but it has zero cute things in it (boo). Here are a couple pictures of my shelves:
    IMG_1067[1]  IMG_1230[1]
  • The box grater in the 2nd picture actually has a story behind it: when I was in college as part of my major we were required to take a class where we worked in the student managed/operated restaurant. They closed this a couple years ago, which was sad. Last fall I went to our college’s homecoming reception and one of the women in the department had salvaged a bunch of small items from the restaurant and turned into cute things. There were some wreaths w/ spoons and measuring cups on them. She had painted an Alabama “A” on some of the spoons. The box grater in the picture is actually a bell. There’s a jingle bell hanging from the handle and then a houndstooth ribbon tied to it. It’s really cute! (sorry this was long-winded…)

That’s about it. I’m sure there are more things about me but I don’t want to overload you with awesomeness! What are some fun facts about you? Let’s get to know each other (she says in the most non-creepy way possible)!


1 thought on “True Story Thursday: OTSP Secret Sister”

  1. On the Same Page Secret Sister is so fun, isn’t it? I enjoyed participating in the first round! Though I had to bow out of this one, I’m hoping I can participate again in the next. I loved getting gifts from mine, and getting to know her a little better. And I loved reading this post and getting to know YOU a little better too!


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