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True Story Thursday: Writing and Tea

I may be jumping the gun on this, and if so I won’t be upset if I have to correct myself, but I feel like I need to tell all of you some super exciting things that are happening right now.


Some of you may know that I write for a local publication here in town called Druid City Living.  No, it’s not the New York Times, but it’s a really good local paper that’s filled with community pride. This month’s submission (for the Feb. issue) is my 4th time submitting, but will be my 5th published article. Yay!

My assignment this month was to write about this upcoming event called the Cochrane Love Project. My editor was VERY excited about this and about me writing it. I was kind of vanilla about it… until I interviewed the woman organizing the event. Holy cow, you guys! I have never met someone so passionate about something and I’m pretty sure that passion wore off on me because I am JAZZED UP about this article and the Project now!

But with that interview I was left feeling very nervous. Could I do the Project justice? Could I do the organizer justice? Would what I write be just another boring dry story or would it be inspirational to others in our community? AGHHHH! The pressure!

So on Tuesday I sat down to write the article, got all my notes in order, and put on my thinking cap. I shot my editor an email asking when the deadline was. Her reply: Do you think you could get it to me by tomorrow?


On top of having to rush writing my article, my editor also told me they had already gotten the layout done and were focused on my article. Which I think means it is going to be on the front page. No pressure, right?! So I’m typing along and get to almost 700 words before I ask her what is my word limit. She tells me 600 (ughhh!) and also asks that, if they decide to do so, would I be okay with them posting my article on their other sites state-wide. Apparently they own a few other publications in Alabama’s bigger cities and then one in the 30A area in Florida.


At this point the pressure is on, I’m freaking out over this article, feel like it’s total crap… I’m extremely panicked. But I soldier on and start attacking it. After about an hour of edits, I read through it and, I kid you not, my eyes got a little teared up. Maybe it’s lame, but I’m really really proud of this article.

I send it in to my editor who responded back with a glowing email filled with capital letters and exclamation points. Not that her emails aren’t normally like this, but it was just like PHEW! It was good!

I don’t know if it will actually be front page or published throughout the state, but if so… I mean, how cool is that?! I’m not normally one to toot my own horn, but TOOT, TOOT!


There’s this little coffee shop here in town that recently moved into a bigger location. I’d never been to it before, but since it’s moved have been there a few times. Friends… it’s my new favorite place. I want to take you all there for coffee dates! There is lots of lovely space to sit at for studying or writing or reading, as well as eating places. All the chairs and tables are mismatched and there are adorable tea cups and settings all over the place. I think it’s also a Christian-owned establishment because there is a prayer request wall (which I think is wonderful) and they’re closed on Sundays. Overall, just a really sweet little coffee shop.

While I do love a cup of coffee I’m not a fan of coffee drinks. They’re too sweet, too rich, and too calorie-laden for me. But this place has so many different options that I knew I had to try one. Not wanting a lot of caffeine, I opted for one called the London Fog, which is Earl Grey tea (my FAVE), vanilla, and steamed milk.

Holy moly friends…. I swear if you could eat London this is what it would taste like. It’s sweet, but not SWEET, and still very much has that unique bergamot flavor of Earl Grey tea. I did try making my own yesterday with Earl Grey tea and Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Sweet Cream creamer (the only creamer I will use because it’s real ingredients). Not QUITE the same, but a very good substitution!

I really want to go there sometime to write. I feel like it would be such a good environment for it. I’ve never been one to go to coffee shops to just sit and write or do homework, mostly because they’re always busy and loud around here. But this one feels so cozy and inviting that I just might take a chance!



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