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Top Ten Tuesday – Opposites Attract

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.toptentuesday

This past week has been the week of friendships both good and bad. I’ve been doing some hard thinking about my friends and our friendships, what seems to work and what doesn’t. What I’ve discovered is that some of my closest friends are people who are complete opposites of me in some ways. For example, one of my good friends has changed her viewpoints on A LOT of things and I’ve been noticing how difficult it’s become to talk about some things that used to be easy, agreeable conversations. Another example is a friend and I went to the bookstore the other night and I realized just how completely different we are in our tastes regarding entertainment. Sometimes I tend to think “opposite bad, sameness good” but then I remember just how boring that would be. Friends are like salt, adding flavor to your life, but you also need to have a friend who is paprika or sage or nutmeg, adding a completely different flavor. Yes, that’s the lamest analogy I’ve ever made in my life, but whatever. You know what I mean.

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie, which I love! I decided to pick characters who are completely opposite from me in some form or fashion, but I love them for these very differences.

Today’s Top Ten are Opposite BFFs:

Katsa from Graceling – Katsa is one of my favorite characters, but we are NOTHING alike. And I don’t just mean her terrific fighting skills (because I totally have these too). She doesn’t want marriage or children, sees these things as something to hold her down/back, and is pretty adamant about it. Nothing wrong with this attitude, but I feel like I’m the complete opposite here. I do want a family and look at it as something that will push me forward, but maybe just in a new direction. I imagine this difference of opinion could cause some friction, but I think our opposing views might help each of us see the other side a bit. And she would keep me in check when I decide to post 500 pictures of my kid eating spaghetti for the first time.

Meira from Snow Like Ashes – A new BFF, Meira is such a tomboy that I imagine I would feel like a Pretty, Pretty Princess* next to her, something I really loathe because c’mon… I’m not princessy in the slightest bit. I imagine there would be lots of “OMG can’t you brush your hair? Is that what you’re wearing? Will you STOP playing with those disc thingys?” type comments, but like most of my more tomboy friends, I feel like we always find some common ground, whether it’s movies or books or boys.

*for you youngsters, Pretty Pretty Princess was an awesome game where you got to win crowns and jewelry. I have no idea how you play, but the crown was pretty sweet.

pretty pretty princess

Meghan Chase from the Iron Fey series – There are just some people who I don’t mesh well with and I think Meghan started out being one of them. Sure, she’s nice I guess. Just really rough around the edges, kind of a smart ass, says some awkward stuff… I’m not saying I’m perfect by any means, but it just felt like we were opposites in how we treated others and reacted to things. I think we both found some common ground though, which was good because she turned out to be one of my favorites!

Celeana Sardothian from Throne of Glass – While we totally would bond over things like clothes and shoes and girly things, I think Celeana’s aggressive and assertive personality would make me feel a little intimidated. I’m not aggressive in most things and while I’m not unassertive, I definitely don’t make things happen like Celeana seems to. All that being said, I think those opposite personality traits would be hella great for our friendship.

Sloan Devin from Being Sloan Jacobs  – Have I mentioned I have a hard time with tomboy characters? I had an especially rough time with Sloan Devin, not because she was tomboyish, but because she was just so… rough I guess. Or scary. In my review I called her scary. I don’t know if we would have really gotten along had she not calmed down some (by the end of the book I genuinely loved her) but sometimes I think an opposite friend is what scary, angry personalities sometimes need. And vice versa.

Sybella from Dark Triumph – Sybella intimidates the hell out of me. She’s brash and forward and aggressive and… Like she’s the chick who wears black leather and smokes behind the gym who you want to be SO BAD but know you will never be able to pull off that je ne sais quoi that she has coming off her in bucketfuls. But the thing about Sybella that makes me love her despite all this? She’s totally accessible once you get past the black leather. I found her to be amazing and was happy for our differences.

Lily from Timepiece – I loved this girl from the moment I first met her in Hourglass, but I think had I met her in real life I probably would have hung back a little. She has a very big personality which I know would totally outshine mine and make me feel like I’m not enough to hang out with her. She’s a straight shooter, doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind or showing how she feels, and really knows her own self. While I like to think that I have some of these traits, I tend to show them in a much quieter way. But I think this is why we would be good friends, because we both have the same ideas, just different ways of expressing them. I think we’d be great examples to each other.

I couldn’t name 10… any characters you think are opposite from you but you loved?


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Opposites Attract”

  1. This is such a great post! I definitely think it’s great to have friends that are a lot different from yourself. What’s important is that you both respect each other’s different likes/dislikes. One of my best friends is so different from me it almost comical. But we do respect each other. Of course, that could be because we grew up together (she was my neighbor) and we’ve seen each other at our worst. And out best, too.

    Anyway, I think Sloane Devin is pretty scary, too. I would be really intimidate to start a conversation with her, but I think if she started one with me, we could be friends.


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