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True Story Thursday: BIRTHDAY!!!

Today is my birthday! I thought and thought about something I wanted to do to celebrate on here, because I’m exceptionally happy that my birthday happens to fall on Thursday this year. Means I can do a True Story Thursday and what’s a better true story than birthday stories?! I have written you 15 tiny birthday stories about some of my most memorable birthdays!

happy birthday

15 Birthday Stories

The Birthday it Snowed

Here in Alabama we rarely get snow. It may snow once or twice a winter and even that’s minimal. Last year when the entire state shut down due to 2 inches does not count. Growing up I can probably count on one hand the number of times it snowed before I was 15, but one birthday it snowed ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! This was oh so exciting and I was thrilled to bits that this magical snow, snow, snow (sung like the White Christmas song) was happening on my special day. It started as my dad and I were going to pick up my birthday cake for my party. That was when I realized that I was going to have to cancel my party. Which was sad, but SNOW!!! We ended up having a little family party and then I got to have my bigger party later, but still… SNOW!!!

The Rest Stop

When I was in high school our church’s youth group took an annual trip to Gatlinburg, TN on MLK weekend. Which just so happens to always be my birthday weekend. Me and MLK share a birthday so we also share a holiday! Anyway, my 18th birthday happened to fall on the MLK holiday that particular year, which meant we were driving home from Gatlinburg. We pulled into a rest stop in the middle of nowhere – I honestly don’t know if we were still in TN or had made it back into AL – to eat lunch. We were hanging out while the grown ups got everything set up for lunch when suddenly I realized that there was birthday stuff on the table. My mom had secretly sent birthday things (a cake, decorations, a present, etc.) with one of the moms so they could do a surprise birthday party for me. It was such a fun surprise, but looking back it really means a lot to me. And I still tease my mom about how my 18th birthday party was at a highway rest stop.

24 Things in 24 Hours

If I stop to think what was my BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! my 24th birthday comes to mind. After a rather crummy 23rd birthday I knew I wanted to make my 24th rock. So I came up with the idea to do 24 things in 24 hours on my 24th birthday. I made a list of things that were just little happys – drinking a fun birthday drink, buying some cute panties, watching a favorite movie. I spent the day just enjoying myself on my scavenger hunt. By the end of the day I felt so phenomenal and had had so much fun!

Letters from myself

Freshman year of high school we had to write letters to ourselves to be opened when we graduated. The letters were collected by our 9th grade English teacher and passed up as we moved onto our next grades. I decided to write one to myself to be opened on my 16th birthday and made a list of all the things I wanted to do by then: kiss a boy, make straight A’s, go on a date… your typical 14 year old goals. I folded it up and taped it to the inside of my top dresser drawer. As my 16th birthday approached I became more excited to open the letter. I couldn’t remember anything from when I wrote it, so I was excited to see if I had become the person I wanted to be by 16! My birthday came and I pulled the letter up, filled with excitement as I found…

a piece of homework. Yep. I had mistakenly folded up a piece of homework instead of my letter.

My Little Pony

1987 was the year of My Little Pony, so naturally I had a My Little Pony party, complete with all the 80s birthday paraphernalia you could stand, courtesy of those great party packs you used to be able to buy! For you youngsters, back in the 80s you did not simply go to a child’s birthday party. You WENT to a child’s birthday party in your best dress and it was totes adorbs. So we invited the little girls from my day care class, including my then BFF Tabitha (don’t ask me how I remember this girl’s name). I remember opening presents and getting lots of good gifts, some of which I am sure were My Little Pony. According to my mom one of the little girls who came brought me some homemade cookies and mom thought it was the “sweetest thing ever!” Mom said this little girl’s family didn’t have a lot of money (of course, neither did we at the time) so it was very sweet of her to bring something. When we finished opening presents it was time for cake and one of the little girls there tried to take her present back. I don’t remember being all “No bish, this gift is mine!” so much as I remember being so confused. Like why is she taking my gift away? Does she not understand how birthday parties work? I invite you here with promises of cake and a goodie bag; you bring me gifts. Luckily my mom was able to explain in her best child care professional voice how birthdays worked.

The Year without Funfetti

In my 32 years on this planet I have had a Funfetti birthday cake very nearly every birthday. I’m not 100% sure when it started, but I think it was my 4th birthday. birthdayI imagine this was when Funfetti, or “confetti” as it was called in our house, cake was distributed through mass marketing. The thing about this though is that I don’t really like cake. I’m a pie girl. On my 28th birthday I went to my parents’ so we could go to dinner/do cake and presents. My mom was excited about my cake – she had bought a whole pan of tiramisu, which is my favorite dessert ever. While I was excited about it, my first comment on it was “Well did you make Funfetti cake too?” Sadly… she did not.

The WORST birthday!

This time last year I had just gotten back to work from being out for a month after surgery. If you’ll recall, I had a bitchy horrible nasty boss at the time so going back to work was hella depressing. However, on my birthday, I woke up in the WORST mood. Like I get in funks from time to time, but this was so out of the ordinary for me that I have mentally tried to block it. I didn’t want people telling my happy birthday, I cried about 10 times before going to work, I scowled most of the day… it was nasty. So what does my bitchy horrible nasty boss do despite me telling her and everyone I didn’t want them to do anything for me? Brings out a giant cake and has our entire staff come and sing me happy birthday. I was PISSED. Now, I know what you’re thinking: OMG Candice you’re such a spoiled brat! That was so sweet! No… no it wasn’t. Because not only did they do this when I felt like crying at the mere mention of my birthday and had WARNED them of this, everyone up and left me with bitchy nasty horrible boss who basically talked about how bad the cake was. I was hellbent on ignoring her until finally I exploded “The cake tastes fine! It’s delicious! You can’t expect a college bakery to produce France’s finest!” The cake actually tasted like shit but I hated her so much that I just wanted to disagree with her bitching. There was tons of cake left and she made me take it home. I hurled it into the dumpster on my way to my car after work ended.

My very first

You know how you might have vague memories of things you shouldn’t have? Like things from when you were a baby? I have memories of my first birthday party. I don’t know if they are real or maybe I saw a picture, but I remember it was a Care Bears party. I remember people being there, then there are shades of brown which I assume are furniture. There’s nothing definite, like what I wore or what presents I received. But I know this was a party and it was for me.

Driving test

I’ve made it a point to pretty much block my driving test from memory. No, it was fine and I passed on the first try, but never had I been quite so nervous. In my hometown’s county there were 3 driving instructors, simply known as The White Lady, The Black Lady, and The Man. No names, just basic descriptions. You wanted The Man because he was supposed to be laid back and passed everyone. The White Lady was supposed to be tough but apparently she was nice about failing you. The Black Lady was supposed to not only be tough but was also supposed to be scary. So when my mom took me to get my license I was so nervous because I thought I was a terrible driver. Did not help that The Black Lady, whose name I believe was something like Shirley or Carol, called my name to go take my test. She wasn’t scary, but was very blunt which I think sometimes teenagers get mixed up. So we get into my car and something happened and I passed. Like I said, I’ve blocked this from my memory. But then the worst possible thing happened. My car at the time had these tricky child safety locks. You had to hold the button down while at the same time and it was very confusing. SHE COULDN’T GET OUT OF MY CAR! I ended up having to go around to the side and let her out. I really thought she was going to fail me because of that and I was so embarrassed. Although I’m sure she probably went and had a good laugh with the other good people of the DMV about it. “Let me tell you about this weirdo girl’s crazy car…”

BGFF Saves the Day

When I was turning 23 I was in my final year of college and wanted to do something really fun. So I invited lots of friends over, agreed with my roommate that we were going to have a party. Long story short: no one came and my roommate bailed on me to go hang out with her boyfriend and her new friends she met through him. (this was the end of our so called friendship) A friend did end up coming over, which made me very happy, but I was still really bummed that no one wanted to come celebrate my birthday with me. So after this friend headed back home I went up to my bedroom feeling like total poo. I got online (this was when AIM was super big) and saw that the BGFF was online (he went to another school). We chatted and I told him about how crappy my birthday was and no one liked me and wah wah wah. When I was finished he simply said, “Shut up, it’s your birthday. Happy birthday” and then proceeded to make me feel better. It’s not like he did anything super special or whatever, but him being there (despite being many miles away) and being my friend really saved my birthday.

A few days later I was watching Sex and the City and it was the episode where Carrie has that TERRIBLE birthday and no one shows up. Then as she’s walking home feeling like total poo Mr. Big shows up and all he says is “Happy birthday baby” and things are so much better. I may have burst into tears seeing this.

Sexy Tea Party

For my 10th birthday I had a sleep over party, but wanted to have a dress up fancy party first. I invited my friends over and told them to wear their fancy dresses because we were having a tea party (or something). So everyone comes in their Sunday best and I’m sure looked early 90s adorable. But at all parties there’s that one friend and this particular friend’s name was Julia. Julia and I became good friends because we both had the same lunch box. But Julia came from a little more… liberal family. Let’s just say that. Anyway, we’re all dressed in our Sunday best and Julia comes dressed in one of her mom’s cocktail dresses. Like skin tight strapless cocktail dress that poofed out at the bottom a la 90s glamor. I have pictures from this particular party and looking at them now, she really just looks like a little girl wearing her mom’s dress, but back then… yeah I was a little embarrassed!

Drunkity Drunk Drunk

For my 26th birthday I went out with my cousin and then unmarried aunt. Let’s just say that things got a little out of hand and I cannot remember much except that I totally fell flat on my face at like 2am downtown drunk off my ass. And I scratched up my brand new sexy shoes. All in all it was a birthday win!

The Best Hot Dog I Ever Ate

For my 28th birthday I went out with the same cousin I went out with for my 26th birthday. Let’s just say that things got a little out of hand and I cannot remember much except that I think I had about 7 shots and several drinks. I only bought 2 of these. We then went to this little food cart that’s parked out by the bars where we bought THE BEST HOT DOG EVER. We then drove home and I threw it up halfway there. Luckily my cousin pulled over just in time. All in all, birthday win!

Event Planning

While I know I make it sound like my previous job was a nightmare, there was a stretch of time where it was actually really pleasant. When I was turning 30 I was SO EXCITED! Part of my job was to create event planning sheets for our upcoming events and post them in our kitchen so our chefs would know what to cook. Me being me and feeling like I had this great relationship with my boss at the time and our chefs at the time, I created a fake event called “Candice’s Awesomest 30th Birthday” and hung it up on the kitchen board. Everyone had a great laugh about it, but then a few days before my birthday our sous chef came to me and started asking me what types of desserts I like. He was doing “research” for some new ideas. Long story short, they made me THE BEST cheesecake I have ever had and I even got a fun happy birthday serenade by him. It made me so happy and I was nearly in tears from laughing at his made up happy birthday song. That’s what birthdays should be like; full of laughter, fun, and yummy desserts.


You know how there are some numbers that are “your numbers?” 15 is mine. It’s been lucky for me for as long as I can remember. I have no doubt that 2015 is going to be an amazing year for this very reason. So obviously, my 2015 birthday is going to be amazing. I think what makes this particular birthday, my 32nd birthday, so special is that I get to share it with you. Thank you for making my birthday special!



6 thoughts on “True Story Thursday: BIRTHDAY!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I love all your birthday stories. You 24th birthday sounded like so much fun. Maybe I will try that for my birthday this year. Although I have to think of 32 things that will make me happy.

    I’ve had some rough birthdays too, and they really do stick with you. I remember my 21st birthday, and that was very depressing.

    I hope you have the best birthday ever!!!


    1. Thank you Quinn! The 24 things was oh so fun! I can’t remember everything on my list, but most of them were tiny things. It took a while to come up with the list, but was very fun once I got to go do them all!

      Rough birthdays are no fun because yeah, they do stick with you. But I love how good birthdays tend to shine even more! Here’s hoping your 32nd is great too! 🙂


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