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2015 Challenges: Flights of Fantasy

I’m participating in Flights of Fantasy, hosted by Alexa Loves Books and Hello, Chelly! Huzzah!


I know I’m a little bit late signing up for this one, but it’s not due to lack of enthusiasm or a last minute decision; it’s really just pure forgetfulness to post this! 🙂

I am a HUGE fan of fantasy and look forward to finding new books in this genre. What I think I love most about it is how all-encompassing it can be. Fantasy isn’t narrowed down to one type of book which pleases me to no end. I like the idea of if you can fantasize it, it can be a story. Fantasy is like a giant cozy umbrella that covers so many exciting ideas!

But for this challenge I am going to try to stick to your basic fantasies; no paranormal or sci-fi, which I know are genres in themselves but I still put them under the cozy umbrella most times. Mainly if it’s set in a made-up place/universe or there is magic, I’m counting it as fantasy. Oh, and fairy tales. Because what’s fantasy without a little fairy tale?

My goal this year is to read 20-22 fantasy novels. I know this is relatively low, but it is higher than my other reading challenges, mostly because I read more fantasy type books than other genres. I also am not going to pick ALL of the fantasy novels I want to read and organize them into months or seasons or whatever. I want to read them as I please and make it a point to discover new fantasy books that may not have been on my radar! But, I did create a Goodreads list so I can make sure I actually remember what books I want to read! You can check it out here.

I’m very excited about this challenge and thanks to Alexa and Rachel for hosting!


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