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Book Blogger Organization Challenge – January Goals

It’s never too late to get the month started, right? Who cares that’s it’s January 7th already?


I’m really excited to be taking part of the Book Blogger Organization Challenge hosted by one of my fave blogger buddies Brittany @ The Book Addict’s Guide! While I’m finally content on the layout of my blog (for now…….) I know it could use some major behind the scenes organization. I wrote an intro post on what my general goals for January are, but I thought I needed to make a more detailed list of goals and post them, that way you all can keep me accountable! At the end of the month I’ll be posting a “Did I meet my goals?” post, so fingers crossed I can answer yes!


I’m in love with Google Calendar and try to keep my personal updated regularly. I don’t have THAT many events/meetings that I need to keep track of, but I’ve always enjoyed writing dates down. And Google Calendar let’s you use colors! Would you believe though that I haven’t updated my blog calendar since JUNE? <hangs head in shame>

My goal for this month is to plan at least the next 3 months out with what I CAN plan (monthly features, deadlines, upcoming stuff, etc.) Here’s my January calendar so far:


Goodreads Shelves

Last month I “attacked” my shelves and started organizing them somewhat better, but I know I can do more. I really need to cull some of my “to-read” books and better organize the shelves I already have. One of Brittany’s suggestions is making a “Best Of” shelf, which would really be helpful for the end of the year when it’s time to do our annual surveys! Here are my goals for organizing my Goodreads shelves:

  • Create the following
    • “Best Of” Shelf
    • Kindle Books
    • Recommendations
    • January – March Books
  • Organized owned books
  • Delete books not going to read

Create new Feature images

February is supposed to kick off the “maintenance” type stuff of this challenge, but I feel like I’ve done most of the things that we’re supposed to do this month (sign up for challenges, make resolutions, etc.) so I wanted to get a head start. I’ve added a Home Page to my blog where there are images that link to my various features.

feature imagesI need to finish up making images for my other features! Of course, that leads me to my next goal…

Decide on what Features I want to do

Over the years I’ve added several features and then stopped doing them as I’ve tired of them or maybe they just didn’t work. I need to decide on ones that I liked doing and stick with them! For example, I REALLY love my Featured Fairy Tale and True Story Thursday features, but maybe my Character Spotlight didn’t work out so well (although I really like this feature…). I think part of me wants to have something unique and fun that people come here for, but I also want to have something that I enjoy doing, whether people read it or not.

Alright! So there are my goals for this month to get myself more organized! Are you participating in this challenge? If so, share your links to your January Organization post so I can check out your goals. Good luck!


5 thoughts on “Book Blogger Organization Challenge – January Goals”

  1. You are definitely getting organized. I’m fairly organized with my blog calendar, which makes me so happy. I finally found a system that is working for me, and that’s actually a paper planner. I just have a hard time making electronic calendars work for me. But I’m so glad that it works for you.


  2. Awesome goals, Candice! I LOVE my Google Calendar too!!! 🙂 It’s so helpful. I’m obsessed with my GR shelves so I’m glad those are becoming useful to you too! 😀


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