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Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions

I went back and read my resolutions from last year. I did accomplish some of them, such as finding a new job and participating more, but overall I didn’t do many of them. I’m not sure if I feel bad about this or not; 2014 was a very odd, up and down year. But what is the end of the year without resolutions for the upcoming one?

Hooray Books!

I wanted to share not only my blog resolutions with you all, but my personal ones as well.

blog resolutions

  1. Utilize Tumblr – I created a Tumblr page and really got into it for a while. Then just stopped. I want to start utilizing it more, updating it as I’m reading books, and sharing it with others. It also is a great help for my reviews; since the page is for quotes, I can reference back to it when writing my book reviews!
  2. Learn more Photoshop/Illustrator – I’ve started using Photoshop for work and am really starting to understand the basics of it. And then I found Illustrator and REALLY want to learn how to use it, mostly so I can create cool graphics for my blog.
  3. Challenges – I’ve joined several challenges which I don’t think will be difficult, I just need to make sure I work at them. This year I’m doing the Re-Read Challenge, the Book Blogger Organization Challenge, Goodreads Challenge, and Flights of Fantasy Challenge. I’m also mixing in a couple of my own personal challenges, the Classics Challenge and Smarty Pants Challenge. Omg I just realized how challenging this year is going to be…
  4. Visit more – This is something I’ve struggled with all year. There are just so many great blogs out there that I want to visit, but I could spend hours every day and not get to them all. I’ve tried different methods for visiting – setting aside a set time, organizing blogs into days, cutting out all but a few – but none of them seem to work long term. This year, I want to make sure I’m visiting you and interacting, even if it’s just sending you a quick tweet saying “hey, saw your post, great job!” I’m much better at that than constantly commenting and I think one of the reasons I don’t visit much is because I feel like I need to leave comments.
  5. Worry less – “Blogging should be fun” is probably on every blogger’s advice list yet for the past year I let it be not fun. I worried when I wasn’t blogging, I worried when I was. I stressed over my content or lack of content. But for the past month I haven’t let any of that get to me and you know what? Blogging is fun again. Yes I’m going to have some worries, but just because I don’t have a copy of A Court of Thorn and Roses yet I’m not going to worry that I fail at blogging life. Just because a post may only get one comment (or none) doesn’t mean I fail at blogging. To paraphrase Amy March, I don’t need scores of ARCs or commenters, only one.
  6. Be more fun – I like serious discussions but when it comes to the internet, for me those discussions can lead to tears. And I don’t like tears. I never wanted this blog to become something hostile but there have been instances in the past where it has been. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I want to write more fun posts this year. I want them to still encourage dialogue, but good dialogue, the kind that lets us know one another peacefully and happily.

personal resolutions

  1. Be a better friend – This was on my list of resolutions last year and I don’t know if I’ve really stuck to it. I feel like I’ve drifted apart from friends (on purpose) and I don’t like how that feels. I’ve been negative about friends when I should be positive. While I definitely feel like I’ve made new friends, I feel like I’ve moved away from the old. This doesn’t just apply to IRL friends either; I feel like I’ve moved away from several of my blogging friends as well and lost touch with them. I don’t know if I can regain those lost/distanced friendships, but I hope that new ones I make during the year (if I make new ones this year) I am better at keeping up our friendship than I have been!
  2. Find a new style – As you know I started a new job back in February (yay!). At my last job I had to wear business attire, so the majority of my clothes fit into that category. Since I didn’t go out much on weekends and didn’t have a lot of extra money, I rarely bought casual stuff. My new job, however, is very casual (seriously, some people wear PJs sometimes) and so my wardrobe doesn’t really work now. I’ve added more, but have noticed that since I was out of the fashion loop for nearly 4 years I have NO idea what my style is. I’ve been having some serious issues with finding stuff that is stylish and trendy, but also fits well and looks good on me. This year I really want to figure out what my style is and start getting into the fashion loop.
  3. Be a better sister – Over Christmas my mom and I got onto the subject of siblings and she pointed out that I did not like being a big sister. We discussed my relationship with my younger siblings and, while it was eye-opening, it also kind of hurt my heart. I don’t think I’ve been a BAD sister, but I know I haven’t been a good one. Despite my lack of closeness with my younger siblings, I love them fiercely and get very mama bear over them and feel like I’ve always been this way. But maybe I need to move away from this attitude/mentality and start finding ways to connect with them in a non-mama bear way.
  4. Take better care of myself – Last year I mentioned I needed to act more like a grown up. That still stands, but I don’t see me keeping that resolution either. But what I CAN work on keeping is taking better care of myself. I’m hygenic but there are some mornings when I’m like “uh, not washing my hair!” even though I know it could use it (this is a typical 2nd day attitude – it’s not dirty but it looks very flat/dull). Or maybe I’ll go to bed without washing my face because I’m exhausted and it’s too much of a struggle. I don’t want to become a woman who takes an hour to get ready, but I know that I need to better incorporate more things into my life – vitamins, more moisturizing, daily flossing, better nail care, regular hair cuts, keeping my hair color up, etc.
  5. Write – I really want to finish something I’ve started. I’m very close on so many projects but just don’t finish them. This year I hope to make myself finish them, even if they totally suck.
  6. Continue dieting/exercising – For maybe the past 8 or so months I’ve been really doing well at exercising and eating healthy. Obviously there have been bad months (um, this past one for example) but I’ve lost weight and I really want to continue this trend. Granted the next month will be getting back in the habit of eating right and exercising daily, but I have confidence I can do it.

So there you have it: this year’s resolutions. Here’s to a great new year and success in 2015!


7 thoughts on “Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions”

  1. I actually think it’s better to wash your hair with shampoo every other day so that your hair doesn’t overproduce oils to compensate — this is something I started doing this year.

    I like these resolutions! I can relate to a few – especially being a better friend, fashion, and being a better sister, only those were things that happened to me this year. In the span of a month or so, I got really really close to my sister and friends because circumstances kind of forced me, but I am so so grateful that I did.

    Happy new year xoxoxoxo


    1. I typically wash my hair every other day, but cut it short about a month ago so it’s hard to go two days w/out washing. I need to invest in a dry shampoo I think!

      I’m glad that you’ve gotten to be closer to your sister! My sis and I have grown tremendously closer over the years, but I think I need to work harder on creating a relationship w/ my little brother. He lives really far from me, so it’s hard but I think we can do it! Hope you have a wonderful year that’s filled with all the good things! šŸ™‚


  2. Happy New Year, Candice! I can relate to a lot of your reading/blogging and personal goals. Diet/exercise/taking care of myself are big ones for me. When I’ve been really successful with losing weight before I notice keeping up a food log made all the difference. I get bored easily with exercise so I have to keep shaking that up though. My fave is #5 on your blogging list – keep up with that positive attitude!
    Best of luck on all your goals šŸ™‚


    1. I’ve used a food log off and on and they do seem to help tremendously. I’ve got a couple apps on my phone that I really like using. Hopefully I can stick with it long term! Hope you have a wonderful new year!


  3. Happy New Year! Visiting more is one of my resolutions for 2015 as well, which I think is tied in with worrying less and not being afraid to get behind occasionally. šŸ™‚


  4. I’m definitely with you on the visit more part. It is always the first thing to go for me. So I want to improve my interactions with the book blogging community. I hope your big plans for 2015 go well… I love the hope that goes around this time of year and really wish we could all keep it going all year long!


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