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2015 Challenges: Book Blogger Organization Challenge

I’m participating in The Book Addict’s Guide Book Blogger Organization Challenge! Huzzah!


Let’s face it… we can all use some organization, so I’m very grateful to one of my blogging favorites, Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide, for creating this challenge!

I’ll admit that I was a little intimidated by this challenge. Not because it’s complicated with lots of hoops to jump through – B was pretty awesome in making that part clear! – but because I think the idea of doing a major overhaul on my blog to get it organized overwhelmed me some. However, I think one of my goals overall with this challenge isn’t going to be work work work work stress but to look at this as an opportunity to learn new things about the technology behind my blog and improve my creative skills.

Brittany has broken the challenge down each month into different areas of blogging and given guidelines/ideas of things we can work on. It’s a pretty simple challenge that allows you to work on as much or as little as you can/want!

I don’t see myself getting too deep into this challenge (no hosting mini-challenges or giveaways or whatnot) but I do see myself diving into the inner-workings of my blog, which excites me! Here’s what will be going on in January:

  • Planning 2015 challenges
    • I’ve kind of already done this… so yay working ahead?
  • Picking 2015 resolutions
  • Find a buddy!
    • Really need to find a good support group, not just a buddy. Sign up below to be in my group! (only kidding, but I hope you all will cheer me on!)
  • Make plans to read and write!

As you can see, January is more about planning for the upcoming year. I like this easing into the challenge thing rather than jumping in feet first! Let’s do this!


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