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Top Ten Tuesday – Next year I could be just as good… if you check off my Christmas list

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.toptentuesday

This is always one of my FAVORITE Top Ten Tuesdays to do. Mostly because I believe Santa can work his magic to get me copies of books that haven’t come out yet. He actually did last year! I had asked for a copy of Cress and Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books sent me an ARC of it that she was finished with. I’m pretty certain that he worked his magic on that. So… with that in mind I might have given him a pretty diverse list of books I’d like.

Today’s Top Ten are the Ten books I wouldn’t mind Santa using his magic on:

Mortal Heart – I know I should have bought/read this when it first came out, but I REALLY want to do a reread before I tackle it. Santa can give me some motivation if he brings me this book!

Snow Like Ashes – It was SOOOO good and I want a physical pretty hard copy for my shelves!

Winter – I mean, Santa can work his magic, right? (Just so you know, I’m pretty sure I say this every year about one of the Lunar books)

Fairest – Because I need something to read before Winter, right?

A Court of Thorns and RosesΒ  – Everybody has been talking about this and I want to get my grabby hands on it. Santa, don’t let me down!

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? – I read this from the library a month or so ago and loved it. I really want a copy though. It can go on my shelf of awesome memoirs shelf!

The Heart of Betrayal – I have a feeling this one is gonna be oh so good! Gimme!

The Blood of Olympus – I don’t really want Santa to bring me this, but if he could use his Santa magic to bump me up to the top of the reserved list at the library, I’d be cool with that.

The Winner’s Crime – Like ACOTR everyone has been talking about this and I want to read it. I’m not DESPERATE, but would be totally okay if Santa surprised me with it!

Blue Lily, Lily Blue – I’m reading an ARC of this one and loving it, but I have hard copies of the first two. Would love a nice one to help complete the set!

Here’s hoping Santa is good to me this year in the books department! Merry Christmas everybody!

P.S. With the exception of 2012’s post, I’ve used lyrics from Santa Baby as the title for this post… thought I’d keep with tradition! πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Next year I could be just as good… if you check off my Christmas list”

  1. I read Blue Lily, Lily Blue and I LOVED it. The Raven Cycle is so good, I read all the current books this past year. I hear that the 4th will be released in 2015….::fingers crossed:. I also am adding Snow Like Ashes, Fairest and A Court of Thorn and Roses to my want list now. πŸ™‚ Your can see my current list at
    Going to follow you on Bloglovin – Cheers!


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