Young Adult

Miniviews – Roar and Liv

There seems to be a TON of these novellas out there, and I really love them oh so much, but it’s really REALLY hard to write a full review about them! So I give you Miniviews! Miniature versions of my reviews that are perfectly designed for all the lovely novellas/short stories!

Novella: Roar and Liv by Veronica Rossi

roar and liv book

Series: Under the Never Sky

Character Focus: Roar and Liv

Spoiler? No. In the series we see how Roar and Liv have been split up by an arranged marriage. This novella shows us the events leading up to it. It doesn’t give any new information but rather enhances information we already learned in the novels.

Must Read? Okay, see… here’s the thing. I would say yes, absolutely, especially if you’re a fan of Roar. Which is why I read it.  You don’t need to read it to get any more information on either of these characters – although it was nice to see a little more of Liv – and I think their situation in the novels is pretty heartbreaking as is.

Final Thoughts: I was pretty disappointed in this one. You know how sometimes secondary characters can turn into your favorites? That’s how Roar was for me. So I think seeing events through his eyes and hearing his voice ruined the magic for me. And while I don’t expect novellas to be groundbreaking or heart-wrenching, I just didn’t feel too much emotional connection with this one. But, many others love it, so maybe take their word over mine!


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