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3 Year Blogoversary PARTAY!

According to WordPress my blogoverary was on 11/11. I might have created the blog that day, but think my very first post was on the 11/18/2011. And honestly… I cannot believe that I have had this thing for that long.

Of course, the past 6 months it’s been pretty touch and go, but we’re still counting it!

I had plans on giving up this blog because I just wasn’t feeling it. But then I guess I had a rom-com moment and remembered all the good times and how much in love I was with the blog and there was a montage of happy memories and… well… how can I give you up Grown-Up YA?!?!

Ginnifer Goodwin will be starring in the movie adaptation coming this winter. Check your local listings.

So in saying that it’s my blogversary, I need to celebrate! But how? I tried looking at past years’ posts, but the only one I wrote was in 2012 and it was pretty calm, just a thank you to all of you who helped make my blog so great.

And that thanks is honestly still around. I COULD NOT have gotten 3 years without all of my fabulous friends.

But how to commemorate this milestone? I considered having a “comeback” but that sounds totally lame and definitely not me. I debated talking about upcoming plans for GUYA or new ideas I want to roll out, but c’mon… let’s be serious. I change my mind like underwear (daily). I don’t want to commit when 2 weeks later I decide I don’t want to do it anymore. I’m such a flake.

And so I ask again… how to celebrate? Then it hit me: PARTAY!



So, first, I’ll need a super awesome outfit. I’m thinking something sparkly.



Oh, and don’t forget the decorations! Now, since it’s a book blog blogoversary party, obviously we’re going to go with a bookish theme.

Harry Potter!
Harry Potter!

There will obviously be some cake… what is a party without cake?!

Although, I’m not really a cake person and prefer pie. I think Jaime Lannister and I can agree on that!

got pie gif

And food… oh man, the food! Maybe some of my favorite book inspired food because… c’mon… why not?

Also, let’s throw in some Doctor Who inspired goodies because it’s my party.

We’ll need some good tunes. Dance at your own risk.


Hope you’ve had fun at my awesome blogoversary party! Thanks for coming!



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