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Fictionships – Sisters and Brothers

One of my favorite parts of books is the relationships. Not necessarily romantic ones – although I do love these! – but all relationships in general. And while it’s fun to talk about individual characters and how they interact with other characters, I feel like I don’t talk nearly enough about relationships.

This feature, Fictionships, is just the place for that. A place where I can discuss all the fictional relationships I love. Each one will be a different theme (fantasy, contemporary, classic, TV, movies, etc.) so I can switch it up. So, without further ado, here we go!

Sisters and Brothers Fictionships

This post is in honor of my little brother, whose birthday was this past Saturday. While I don’t tell him this, despite the fact that I should, I miss him like crazy. He lives in California and I haven’t seen him in years. We were never close growing up and honestly still aren’t close but that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel like a very important part of my family and my life is missing. Anyway… before the tears start coming, let’s get on with this!

Mindy Lahiri and her little brother Rishi (The Mindy Project)

I’ve just recently started watching The Mindy Project and have quickly fallen in love with it. One of the things I’ve loved about the show is Mindy’s relationship with her little brother. Context clues show that she is significantly older than her brother, so I feel like I can relate to her as she tries to understand her younger brother’s choices and aspirations. While maybe she doesn’t always agree with his choices (ie he wants to drop out of college to be a rapper) she proves that being a big sister is about supporting your younger sibling’s dreams.

Also, their dynamic is hilarious. There’s one episode where Mindy’s ex (I think) shows up and Rishi gets all protective of her. I honestly don’t think my brother would do this for me – he’s never shown any big sister protectiveness towards me (mostly because I think he knows I can handle myself)- but our little sister? pshh… He’s totally scared the snot out of her boyfriends in the past. Me on the other hand? You hurt my boy and you answer to me. Okay, that’s not really a good example of how they are hilarious. See the above picture where she is rapping with her littler brother.

Anyway, I love this relationship between these two siblings. Hopefully there will be more of them as the series progresses!

Holly and James (The Chapel Wars)

book chapel warsThe relationship between Holly and James seems to be more like what my relationship with my little brother was: argumentative, nagging, touchy… in short, we really didn’t get along. But I think the difference between their relationship and ours is that Holly and James are both going through some major stuff. My brother and I were just brats.

However, I think in the end this is a relationship that has hope and both siblings come to support the other. They come to each others’ defense, stand up for the other in time of need, and truly show what being a healthy sibling is all about. I don’t want to give too much away here, but honestly, the very ending of this book made me want to hug my own little brother.

So that’s it for now! Tune in next time for more fictionships!

Oh, and happy birthday little bro!

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