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Smarty Pants Books: Yes Please

I recently read Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please.” It is now on my bookshelf at work to serve as a constant reminder that Amy Poehler and I need to be friends immediately of so many WONDERFUL life lessons.

yes please book

This statement may ruffle a few feathers and for that, I’m very sorry, but I feel being a super fan is a little… uncool. Now, I think it’s perfectly okay to be a fan of something and to gush about stuff with your friends. I encourage people to learn about whatever it is you’re a fan of, to follow it on Twitter or Facebook, or spend hours on Wikipedia learning every little thing about the Legend of Zelda… which I have done. Go on, quiz me. What I find to be a little uncool is thinking that actors/fictional characters would be your very bestest friend and when you see them you scream and jump up and down like OMG I JUST CANNOT HELP MYSELF LINK IS STANDING RIGHT THERE AND EEEEEE!

This being said, I would throw all of this out the window if I got to meet Amy Poehler. Seriously, I would be so uncool. I like to think that I’d be cool around celebrities because they are people just like us. Like if I ran into Peeta at Starbucks I’d probably be like “Hey, Peeta, have you tried a pumpkin spice latte? They are my favorite too.” And we’d take a selfie and it would be cool. We’d be best friends. Not so with Amy. Like I said, I’d be totally uncool. Which I’m cool with.

Anyway, back to her book. This has been my most highly anticipated read of my entire life. Pretty sure I anticipated this book before it was announced. So when it was finally announced and then it actually came out, I was on top of it. Pre-ordered it (thanks to my bestest BFF!) and absorbed it once it came in.

But here’s the thing… this book was completely different from what I expected in the very best of ways. Like I know in my head that Amy Poehler is not the characters she plays in movies and on TV, but part of me was expecting this book to be non-stop laughs, witty humor, and Leslie Knope all rolled into one. That, my friends, is not what Yes Please was. Honestly, it was so heartfelt and full of life and truth that at times I had to stop reading because I couldn’t see through the tears. And it’s not like there were tons of stories about puppies dying and mean boyfriends… in fact, I don’t really think there were any of those stories. It was more like “Yes… I know how that is. I feel that way too” type situations that majorly hit home.

There was some advice, but for the most part this was pretty much an honest story about a woman. There were no magical moments that just happened; those moments happened because of hard work and dedication. It was also sort of odd to realize that while she’s pretty big now, it’s only been in recent years that Amy has really been in the mainstream limelight.

Something else I really loved about this book was that there was a huge emphasis on her life outside of acting/comedy. She spoke of her kids, her marriage and divorce, growing up, self-image, love, heartache… and it was hard to read about these things sometimes because I feel like this book made you feel as if Amy was your very good friend. It was hard reading about your friend being hurt and sad and upset and angry. Again, I had to stop reading many times because I teared up.

It’s really hard to talk about this book without discussing different parts of the book and scenes from it, so I’ll leave you with this: Read this book. Don’t expect over the top humor. Tina Fey has her own chapter. You will want Seth Meyers as your best friend. Your heart may grow three sizes.

Also, Amy is pretty fierce on the cover.


3 thoughts on “Smarty Pants Books: Yes Please”

  1. I found this book really hard to review, but I like what you have to say here. Yes Please was different than I expected but also totally awesome like Amy. I was impressed with how honest and heartfelt it was. And lol about taking a selfie with Peeta at Starbucks and bonding over PSL 🙂 Lovely review!


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