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Top Ten Tuesday – Why I don’t want to give up my blog

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So months ago I said I was going to stop blogging on 11/18/14. Honestly though, I stopped months ago. I just… I can’t find motivation for it. But then when I think about my baby, my Grown-Up YA, I miss it. I miiiiiiiissssss it! I still haven’t 100% decided if I’m quitting or not, but when I think about not having GUYA in my life anymore, it makes me sad. Despite the fact that it HASN’T been in my life for quite a while. So to get myself motivated to get back in the blogging realm…

Here are my Top Ten Reasons why I don’t want to give up my blog:

Christmas – Blogging at Christmas is something I have started looking forward to. Top Ten Tuesday lists of books I want for Christmas, sharing Secret Santa hauls, other Christmasy things… I love all these things! And if I don’t have my blog, where am I going to chat about this? WHERE I ASK YOU?!!!!

The blogging community – I have been completely out of the loop. I miss everyone oh so much. It’s funny how you disappear for a second and suddenly you have lost all your blogging friends. Not that we’re not friends anymore, but it’s like I don’t know what’s going on with you anymore and I miss you so much. Tell me what’s going on! How is your blog, your dog, your mom? I’m a little scared I may have a hard time coming back into the community though…

True Story Thursdays – Yes, I turned this fun feature into its own blog, but I haven’t even been keeping up with that. I think all these reasons can leak over to that blog too though. I’ve got some fun stuff coming up that I really want to write about!

Styling the blog – Okay, this is more personal preferences, but I really want to jazz up the blog. Maybe I should make a big comeback with a whole new look! Or not. But I like having that option!

Privacy (finally!) – One of the reasons I think I got so out of blogging was the fact that I had zero privacy to blog. My office area was so open that it would take me over an hour to write a paragraph because people kept coming up behind me. Now though… I have my own office and I can type all the things and NO ONE WILL COME UP BEHIND ME!

Reading – Yes, I can read without a blog. I’m well aware of that. But something I liked about having a book blog was that it made me read more. Now, Netflix has taken over my life and I barely read. Doesn’t matter because I haven’t been blogging, but I miss the feeling like I need to read and share books.

A space to be a total nerd – No one gets my nerdiness like you do blog.

Incredible discussions – Sure, I have great discussions with friends, but sometimes I want to talk books. Sometimes I want to throw out an idea or a thought and discuss it with like-minded people (ie book people). I miss not having that ability anymore! Even though I still have my SC girls, sometimes it’s nice to get other perspectives as well as theirs.

It’s just what I do – I never thought I’d have this blog for very long, but now it’s become a piece of me. It’s what I do. I am Candice @ The Grown-Up YA. While I was okay with stopping the blog, now that the stop date is coming closer I just don’t feel like I can let it go. Maybe it’s silly, but I am having separation anxiety over it.

It’s mine – I created this. It’s one of my biggest accomplishments. I had an idea, I crafted it and molded it and evaluated it and loved it… Every inch of The Grown-Up YA is me. It’s mine. Giving it up… it’s almost like giving up a piece of myself.

Stay tuned…


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Why I don’t want to give up my blog”

  1. I get you, Candice. These are all reasons I wouldn’t want to stop book blogging either. Maybe just keep your blog around as an option to blog about books when you feel like it. No pressure, just post when you are really inspired. I lose my blogging mojo too but stepping away sometimes helps me stay refreshed. Hope you do decide to keep GUYA around!


    1. I think that’s a great idea. Maybe not making myself stick to a set blogging schedule would be helpful and only writing about what interests me, not things I feel like I “have” to write. Thanks for the support! 🙂


  2. I love this! Maybe taking a step back gave you some breathing room. If you want to keep the blog, please keep it! Even if it is sporadic. Thanks so much for sharing this list! I find myself shaking my head and agreeing with it wholeheartedly. Made me smile. (:


    1. 🙂

      I really do want to keep it, but don’t think I need to have a set posting schedule. I like keeping it updated regularly, but posting and writing on my own schedule sounds so much better than forcing myself to post all the time and on a regular basis!


  3. Really honestly, I think if you want to keep blogging, maybe you just relaunch! Talk about whatever you want, books or fashion or home decor or technology or whatever! We’ll still keep reading even if books are just once in a while!


    1. I like the relaunch idea! Maybe come with a hot new look or something! 🙂

      Looking back at older posts, some of my favorites have just been silly posts. Sure, I have favorite reviews, but the fun ones were so much more meaningful! I think that might be a way to go!


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