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Free haggis for every reader!

Have you been keeping up with Scotland’s vote for independence? I have a tiny bit, thanks to all the Buzzfeed articles (clearly the best place for news) but don’t know much about it. Finally decided to read up on what they are voting on, why they are voting, what happens if the vote passes, etc. It’s actually pretty interesting. I really can’t form an opinion on this as I really don’t understand the reason behind wanting to separate nor the benefits of separating, but it has been interesting to read. However, it has led to a few questions about what will happen if Scotland does vote to become an independent nation.

Will English, Welsh and (Northern) Irish 11 year olds have to register for Hogwart’s as international students? Hogwarts is rumored to be located in Scotland after all.


When the Hogwart’s Express crosses the border will it have to stop at customs? Will students get a list of items, along with their normal supply list, they cannot bring into the country?


Is there going to be a Scottish Ministry of Magic? Will Kingsley still be Minister of Magic over Scotland? What about the Scottish wizards who work at the Ministry? Will they be able to keep their jobs or will they suspended from their duties until proper paperwork is filed?

How is this going to affect wizard currency? If Scotland has to come up with a new currency does the Scottish wizarding world have to or are galleons, sickles, and knuts universal like the euro?


What about the Doctor, who is now Scottish? As an alien being who has spent a seemingly good chunk of his life in England, how is he going to side? Does this mean we’ll finally be rid of Clara? (Yes, I know that has no justification… I just don’t like Clara)


Obviously, this post is all in good fun and not a commentary on the situation over in the current UK. As I said before, I can’t really form an opinion on this situation because I don’t know the reasons behind it or the pros/cons should the vote pass. I do wish the best of luck to our Scottish friends across the pond and hope it works out the way they are wanting it to! (As the vote is split 50/50 (as of right now while I’m writing this) you can see how this is a very diplomatic statement)

Although, I don’t relish the idea of having to tell my grandkids “When I was your age, Czechoslovakia was a country, Pluto was a planet, and Scotland was part of the United Kingdom” and getting funny “OMG grandma you’re so old!” looks.

Just saying, Scotland…


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