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Book Talk – Attachments

Today I want to talk about:book attachments


Attachments is one of those books that I have been ACHING to read. I loved Fangirl and Eleanor & Park, so naturally I knew I’d love Attachments, Rainbow Rowell’s debut novel. Everyone who had read it ensured me I’d love it and thankfully they were right!

I received a copy through a book exchange and I jumped up and down with excitement. Finally got to read it during Bout of Books and it was my favorite book of the week.

Attachments took me back to the good old days before social media and Twitter and Snapchat and whatever the heck else kids are using these days. I honestly had forgotten what it was like before the Internet was huge and how people were hesitant about using it. Clearly it’s only for looking at porn, right? Oh, and Y2K! Seriously, did we really believe in that? Reading about this time knowing what I know now was hilarious to me.

Speaking of hilarious, the email exchanges between Beth and Jennifer were amazing. I cracked up, thinking about how my friend Emilie and I constantly gchat every day. Their conversations, while only snippets, gave me so much insight into their lives and their personalities. The conversations were both giggle inducing as well as heart breaking at times. I truly felt for Jennifer and wanted to befriend Beth. But not only that; I found myself in both their words and situations.

Then there’s Lincoln… I’m not 100% sure how to describe him. I had this idea of him, then the women would talk about him and it would change that image. I had him pegged as skinnier, a little nerdier, awkward. But according to the women he was kind of hunky in a muscley way. But that aside, I think I liked Lincoln. But I don’t think I developed a crush on him. I loved seeing him move on with his life though. It was nice to see him take control of it nd realize he wasn’t living. Then start living.

Wow, that sounded so simple. It’s late.

This book, while fantastic, was nothing like I was expecting. I was expecting it was going to be more of a romantic book, but Rowell did it again (or, for the first time, I guess, since this was her first book) and surprised me. It was filled with complications, heartache, laughter, triumph. The stories were more about overcoming obstacles, accepting life changes and complications, and taking control of situations however you can.

I highly recommend this one if you haven’t read it but love Rowell’s books. So happy I finally read it and enjoyed it!

3 thoughts on “Book Talk – Attachments”

  1. I’m so glad you loved Attachments, Candice! I really loved it, too. Not as much as Eleanor & Park or Fangirl, but pretty darn close. I also got a huge kick out of read about the whole Y2K scare, and it made me laugh at my younger shelf. People where so freaked out.


  2. Yay, I’m so glad you liked it! This is one of those books that just “gets me.” I relate to a lot of what Lincoln goes through in this book, not so much the living with the parents part, but the “I think I missed my ‘get a life’ window” part.

    I didn’t actually know this was Rowell’s first book! Now I’m even MORE in amazement. It’s the only Rowell book I’ve read so far, though I think I’ll end up reading Landline this summer and possibly Fangirl one day.


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