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Retro Reads by YOU! Jan from Confessions of a Book Ninja

Welcome to my newest feature, Retro Reads by YOU!

retro reads by you

Today I have Jan from Confessions of a Book Ninja on the blog talking about some of her favorite retro reads!

Tell us about you and your blog.

I started Confessions of a Book Ninja because I am totally obsessed with all things book related and wanted to share that passion with other book lovers. It’s become a bit of a mix between discussion pieces, reviews and other random bits, and bobs. I’m a pretty random person so I guess that’s reflected in the blog!

What Retro Reads books take you back to your childhood or young adult days? Tell us about what made those books so special to you.

There are so many books that take me back – I loved The Little Vampire series, pretty much everything that Roald Dahl ever wrote for kids, all things Enid Blyton, Narnia and later every Point Horror I could get my hands on!

Have your reading preferences changed since you were younger? If so, tell us about how they have.

The love of the supernatural that started with The Little Vampire is definitely still there as is the love of fantasy! Only thing that’s changed really is that there’s a bit of non-fiction thrown in there too now.

You visit your school’s book fair and have $5 to spend (hey, that was a lot way back in the day). What would you buy?

Hmm….probably a Point Horror book if we’re talking high school!

List 2-3 books that you hope young adults today will talk about in the future as their favorite retro reads.

Throne of Glass
The Hunger Games
Code Name: Verity

Thanks so much Jan for sharing your favorite retro reads with us!

Want to join in the fun and share your own retro reads with us? It’s easy! Just fill out the below Google form and I’ll be in touch!


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