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The Girl Who Never Was

The Girl Who Never Was by Skylar Dorset

book the girl who never was

The Skinny: Selkie Stewart is under the impression that she’s a normal teenager, never mind that she lives with her two spinster aunts, her father is in an insane asylum, and her mother left her on a doorstep. Selkie goes searching for the mother she never knew but the answers she finds are what she least expected: her mother is a faerie, royalty exact, making Selkie a faerie princess who the entire Seelie Court has been hunting. When the enchantments that have been keeping her safe fall, Selkie sets out to save the ones she loves and discover who she really is. But when you’ve been living your entire life in a lie, how do you know how to trust? And when your entire world is turned upside down, who do you know is on your side? (The Goodreads description was longer than my review so I made up my own. You’re welcome)

BFF?: I really wanted to like Selkie. And I did. Truly. But I feel like she had this obstinate, headstrong attitude about being a fairy. I tried to think about how I would react if someone told me I was half fairy and half ogre and how I would take it. Don’t think I would have tried to just jump on into the craziness head first without getting a full understanding of just what all the f-ckery you are talking about is. That being said… that one trait that I can’t stand in characters who find out they are paranormal in some way… Selkie was totally fun to read about. She handled a lot of her challenges in stride, with a level head and a cool attitude. She was smart too, in a crafty sort of way. I loved how she would outsmart the other Fae and work her way around their magic. Selkie also had a strong sense of honor and held up her word even though it got her into loads of trouble. I liked that about her and look forward to seeing more of her story!

Readability: You know those scenes where there’s so much stuff going on that you can’t focus on anything? That’s kind of how I felt this book was. Oh, it read very well and the language was accessible, but I just felt like there were to many vague hints and unexplained lines for me to focus. Which is probably is how Selkie felt. So I kind of felt like because of how some of the dialogue was written I was put into Selkie’s shoes.

Crush Level: 7
There’s something to say about nonchalant boys in books, who kind of just go through life seeming like they’re all together and don’t have a million crazy thoughts in their heads. Mostly because when the time comes they come out of nowhere with their power and strength and vanquish the bad guy and huzzah! One of the first scenes that pop into my head when I think of Ben is the scene in Harry Potter when Professor Lupin is asleep on the train and then all of a sudden he’s not and he gets rid of the dementor. You don’t expect heroics but there you have them. Ben was also kind of funny in an off sort of way. Like not over the top hilarious, but he has some pretty witty one liners that bring a slow smile to your face. I’d say I rather liked this Ben fellow.

Boston harbour and skyline
I’ve never been and haven’t thought too much about going, but whenever I see things about Boston I get this strange urge to visit and explore. There are so many old, historic sites and it just seems so classic and pretty. One day I think I’ll go to Boston!

Want to add instant intrigue to a plot? Throw in a prophecy. I love how they are interpreted and reinterpreted and overinterpreted… then when the action happens it’s not at all what you expected!

Commencement Speech: I got to participate in the (sort of) blog tour for The Girl Who Never Was and was so excited about it! The book was just fun. It made me laugh, it made me smile. I know faeries aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I definitely think they’re mine. I think what I love about them is that they’re so cunning. And there’s this amazing lore behind them. Things like the Seelie Court and the Otherworld pop up all the time in faerie books, so there’s this actual lore behind them. Which I find very cool.

The Girl Who Never Was is kind of an introduction book for us and shows that there will be lots of excitement to come. It deals with prophecies and lies and hurt and love. There are also some really fun, colorful characters who really livened up the story. I liked that I was left wondering about things, how everything wasn’t neatly tied up and it set me up for the next book without leaving me absolutely hanging. I think I prefer endings like that, where it’s not final but it’s not so open I feel unresolved. If you like faeries and the lore behind them, this one is definitely a good one to add to your collection!

Yearbook Quote: None! ARC!

Superlatives – Most likely to be a different type of fairy princess

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6 thoughts on “The Girl Who Never Was”

  1. I keep really wanting to like Fae books but I always struggle with them. That said, I totally picked this book up at BEA, and I’m so excited to hear that it made you laugh. Yay for books that make us laugh!!!

    Also, Professor Lupin references!!!!!


    1. I know several people who just can’t get into them. They aren’t for everyone! I hope you’ll give this one a chance, but it is heavy on Fae references/lore so it could be a struggle. Let me know what you think!

      And any time I can sneak a HP reference in, I do! 🙂


    1. It was really good actually! I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to enjoy it as much as I did, so it was a pleasant surprise when I really liked it! Hope you’ll get a chance to check it out!


  2. I picked this one up at BEA and I’m definitely intrigued by it! I’m pretty sure it’s a duology, which makes me happy. 🙂
    Btw, I love how you format your reviews with pictures and such! Very reader-friendly!


    1. I hope you enjoy it! I think you’re right about there being another in the series. It’s very definitely set up in this book. And thanks for your compliment on my review format! 🙂


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