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Why Coffee is the Greatest Thing Known to Man

Yesterday was a true shit show. There’s no way of getting around it. Despite a pretty stellar weekend and early Monday morning, the day turned sour as soon as I got to work and realized there was no coffee to be found.

Now, typically I don’t drink the coffee they make here in the office because it’s terrible. I honestly didn’t know you could make coffee this terrible. But apparently you can.

I haven’t really drank coffee in about 2 weeks because I haven’t needed and with my new diet you’re not supposed to drink it. I’m fine with this, even though there are some days where I miss coffee. And when I say “miss” I feel like my whole body will explode with longing for it.

coffee 2

Yesterday was such a day and when I saw there was no coffee made the day became sour. As it continued to get worse I wanted a cup even more. And as the evening became utterly disappointing I decided that screw this diet I’m having coffee in the morning.

I made coffee this morning.

And it. is. GLORIOUS.

Ode To Coffee

Coffee, oh coffee, with your taste so black
Won’t you bring my gladness back?
Two sugars, two creamers, a swizzle stick swirl
Won’t you give my taste buds  a whirl?
Dark or mellow, flavored or plain
Won’t you help me be sane again?
Coffee, I love you, your taste is quite glorious
And after I drink you today is victorious!


<insert obligatory book talk>

Have a lovely Tuesday!

7 thoughts on “Why Coffee is the Greatest Thing Known to Man”

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you lasted that long without coffee! I would’ve gone on a bloody rampage after about a day without caffeine – course I probably wouldn’t have had the energy to do that without caffeine but I would definitey have been thinking about it! Coffee is one of our friends and one of the greatest discoveries known to man. You’re not going back on the no-coffee diet are you?


    1. Ha, I’m still on it 🙂

      It’s that Advocare program… I like it and honestly have felt more energetic than normal, so I haven’t missed coffee. And really coffee was never needed for me to wake up or get my day going. Instead of coffee you’re supposed to drink one of their energy drink things, which has caffeine similar to coffee. Yesterday was the first day that I NEEDED a cup and got super cranky because I couldn’t find any! 🙂


  2. Hahahah I love this! I could never go that long without coffee. I mostly drink it because I think it’s taste good, but I do need it for that little jolt in the morning. This morning was my first day of yoga classes and I couldn’t have my coffee until after and omg I was so out of it the entire hour.


    1. Thanks! 🙂

      What’s sad (and also kind of funny) is that about an hour or so after I wrote that I spilled the ENTIRE cup all over my desk! I wanted to cry!


  3. I actually don’t like coffee! I think it is gross and smells bad. But I do get what you mean. When I get stressed I want tea with honey. It’s always so calming. Also, your ode to coffee is awesome!


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