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Armchair BEA: To infinity and beyond! Oh, and novellas

Soooo… the future of The Grown-Up YA. This is something I think about for a hot minute, get frustrated, and then eat ice cream. There are just so many things that I can do to “expand” my blog but none of it actually seems fruitful. I’ve considered Pintrest, Facebook, Tumblr, videos, Twitter chats, new features, new design, and on and on and on. I’ve made a decent go at some of these, but others… I don’t even enjoy them for personal use (hello, my very use of Pintrest is a Pintrest fail.. and don’t get me started on Facebook), so why would I want to use them for my blog?

Thinking about the future of my blog also makes me think about time frame. I never thought I’d last more than 2 months and here I am 2.5 years later. So is there an end date when I just stop blogging? Should I say by 2015 I will move on from blogging. Which then makes me think what in the world would I do if I stopped?

I will say that my blog has jump started (kickstarted?) a passion for social media and writing that I never really knew I had. Like I want to make a career of this. Maybe that’s what the future of this blog is… a complete career change.

My goal is to take my blog seriously but not take it seriously. Like it’s a fabulous hobby and I love that it’s opened my eyes to a whole new world but I don’t want to pour so much of my time into it that I don’t live. Maybe one day there will be some fantastic redesign. Maybe one day I’ll try my hand at vlogging. Maybe one day I’ll figure out Pintrest. But until then, I’m pretty satisfied taking my blog one day at a time.


Guys… GUYS. I love a good novella, especially if I love the series it’s attached to. They are great opportunities to expand certain characters or scenes, give us a little background information on a character, or just give us something to tide us over while we’re waiting for the next book. There are very few “trends” I seem to get behind when it comes to YA but this is one that I really do enjoy.

Here are some of the ones that I’ve read and reviewed – I have a fun little feature (that I need to utilize more often!) called Miniviews that’s created just for novellas:

The Assassin and the Pirate Lord – Throne of Glass Series by Sara J Maas
Starcrossed City – Starcrossed Series by Josephine Angelini
The First Star to Fall – Prequel to Across a Star Swept Sea by Diana Peterfreund
Destroy Me – Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi
Double Crossed – Crossover novella from Gallagher Girls Series and Heist Society series by Ally Condie

Hope your week is going great!


14 thoughts on “Armchair BEA: To infinity and beyond! Oh, and novellas”

  1. I think that’s a great attitude to have to your blog. I go through phases where I get obsessed with trying to think about what I can do to increase views etc, utilising social media better to promote etc and while I would always like to improve, I’ve been much happier since I adopted a more relaxed attitude to blogging. If I feel like a re-design one day then I’ll get to it, if I want to blog, I’ll blog but I’m just going to take it one day at a time like you and not stress about what I think I ‘should’ be doing for my blog!


    1. I feel so much better about my blog now that I’m not stressing about it! I used to worry about stats and appearance and keeping up with bigger bloggers… but now I just let it go and have fun.

      Adopting a relaxed attitude has also helped me WANT to blog, which is good because for a while I was about to throw in the towel!


      1. I was exactly the same! It started to feel like a job rather something I wanted to do so the joy was completely gone for a while. We just have to keep remembering it’s supposed to be a fun hobby that we are choosing to do in our free time, it’s not something we have to do.


  2. I like your attitude about social media. Once you get on all of the social media there is very little time for your real life. It kind of sucks your time. Thanks for the novella recs. I’m sure that I’ll be looking into some of these.


  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t care for Pinterest or Facebook. Have to say that I’ve gotten a lot of traffic from my brief attempts at Pinterest, though. I just concentrate on making my blog as usefully as I can, and hope that it will help people who read it. Middle grade books don’t get quite the rabid following that YA ones do!


  4. Goals aren’t particularly necessary to make a good blog. Sometimes it’s best to just do what you love and the rest will follow.


  5. I agree! It’s so hard that’s it’s not enough to just blog- there is so much pressure to expand to all of the other social media platforms, and I don’t know how people are active on all of them and still have a life outside of the internet!


  6. I hear you about Pinterest! I would love to be on it more, but I just don’t have time. I definitely have learned so much about social media through blogging and don’t see myself ever quitting being a book blogger. Great post!


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