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Armchair BEA: More Than Just Words

I’m a sucker for a good audiobook. They have the capability to bring out all the feels, the emotions, the emphasis, the depth to a book that sometimes reading with your eyes cannot accomplish.

I first got into audiobooks when I was going to the beach one Thanksgiving. I listed to Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher and… oh man. I was hooked.

When it comes to audiobooks I like to find ones that not only keep my attention but encourage my imagination. I’ve found that some of my favorites are the ones that have a full cast, such as The Bad Beginning (Lemony Snicket) or The Golden Compass (Phillip Pullman). I honestly didn’t want to stop driving when I was listening to these!

I also like to use audiobooks as a way to read books I may be iffy about. One example was Cinder (Marissa Meyer). I just COULD NOT get behind a cyborg Cinderella. But everyone was talking about it and I knew I needed to read it. So I got the audio… and LOVED IT!

Here’s one of my favorite audiobook stories that I talk about all the time:

I had checked out The Book Thief and was listening to it on my daily commute (at the time 1 hr each way). If you’ve ever read the book, you know that it’s narrated by Death and he tells you, quite often, that people will die. He even tells you exactly WHO will die. So you’d think I would be prepared, right?


It got to a particularly heart-tearing scene and I remember crying out “Oh my God, no!” and bursting into tears. On the interstate. Driving by truckers, who I’m pretty sure thought I was ridiculous. Like I could not get a hold of myself I was crying so much.

This is why I love audiobooks… you get a good narrator, some good words, and my friend you will be a blubbering mess in your car.


5 thoughts on “Armchair BEA: More Than Just Words”

  1. I love audiobooks, I’m going to have to give some of these a try! Hope you’re having a great Armchair BEA!


  2. Oh yes, I love audiobooks! (I’ve listened to Cinder on audio, too) Some of my audio favorites: The Sweet Evil books, Angelfall, Fangirl, Boy Nobody, the Charley Davidson series (though that one is adult), etc. 🙂


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