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Things Book Readers Need

I was reading a book the other day and got to a part that made me have all the feels. Let’s just say that by the end of that scene I no longer had any mascara on because I had cried it all off. It got me thinking about how if I’m going to continue to read I need to invest in some waterproof mascara. That led me to think about how many things I’ve invested in thanks to reading.

Obviously to be a reader you really only need 2 things: the ability to read and reading material.

But here are a few things that may come in handy:

Waterproof Mascara


There are a plethora of things that can bring us to tears so unless you want to look like this
I’d suggest investing in some good waterproof mascara.

Comfy Spot


I have a “reading chair” that I love curling up in to read. I also love laying on my bed to read. It’s not that I can’t read in other spots of my house; I just find those are the most ideal for me. Finding your own “sweet spot” can help you get in the reading zone.

Cool Kindle Cover

dr. who kindle cover
If you’ve embraced the Kindle (or Nook or iPad or whatever) you know how delicate they are. EReader covers are a great way to not only protect them but also a fun way to show off your personality. Mine is actually handmade out of two potholders and I have a big button pinned to it (the button is houndstooth with a crimson elephant on it… bought it during football season).

Box of Tissues

Like waterproof mascara this is a must for when you get all the feels. I suggest keeping a box wherever you do your reading.


Unless you actually like your books being all over your house in little piles, invest in a bookshelf. It doesn’t have to be a great big expensive one; both of mine came from Target and are fabulous.

Sturdy Bag

Guys, books are heavy (actually why I prefer traveling with my Kindle). If you’ve got some mamby-pamby bag, carrying books may present a problem. Last thing you want is those heavy things causing your bag to break on the subway or in the middle of the doctor’s office.

Library Card

This is like the golden ticket to the chocolate factory. Only in the form of a tiny piece of plastic to the hall of books (doesn’t that sound more impressive than library?). Libraries are magical places that can open doors to so many different worlds. If you’re going to be a reader, get you a library card.

What are some things that you, as a reader, ABSOLUTELY need? I’d love to know!

Oh, and ps… you’ll probably noticeย  I didn’t include snacks on this list. I’m sure this could be a “need” for a reader, but I can’t eat while I’m reading… or vice versa. I find it’s too difficult to juggle food and a book. Which is why reading is a great diet activity for me. Hm… I smell another blog post! ๐Ÿ™‚


11 thoughts on “Things Book Readers Need”

  1. I can’t eat while reading, either! It’s too much to handle at once for me without risking permanent stains on my books, which just isn’t an option. xD


    1. It’s crazy hard! I’m good with like popcorn or something I don’t need to pay much attention to, but anything else is disaster! And book stains.. can’t stand them!


    1. The library is fantastic! Ours has a YA section called The Room of Requirement. Never been in there… mostly because I can’t find it. I suppose I don’t require it… haha! And a library books readathon sounds like fun! I’m notorious for checking books out and not reading them.


  2. In addition to a comfy spot, I also need a blanket and a pillow – you know, to prop up your lower back and make sure the fan doesn’t give you shivers. You’re gonna be parked for some time, so probably good to have a bottle of water handy.


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