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Bout of Books Day 3: Perfect Pairings

Bout of Books

Just finished my 3rd book for Bout of Books and am feeling pretty darn proud of myself! I have a feeling by early afternoon I’ll be done with my 4th one and getting to move into my 5th, so woohoo to me! Hope you’re making good progress with your own reading!

Today’s Bout of Books Challenge is hosted by My Overstuffed Shelves: Book Pairings! Here are the deets:

The Rules

1. Choose a book and something to pair with it.
2. Share your combination and why you think the two go together on your blog, Facebook, twitter, or Goodreads.
3. Link to your posting in the comments, with your BOB 10 participant number so I can verify your registration.
4. If you tweet about this challenge (and I hope you do) make sure to mention me, @KnittingGromit, and use the hashtag #boutofbooks.

Pretty awesome, right? Let’s begin!

Enchiladas are one of my FAVORITE foods, not only to eat but to make. I make my own sauce (none of that canned stuff please!) which I’m sure is not authentic but tastes delicious to me. And then creating the filling (sometimes I get really fancy and make homemade refried beans too) and stuffing them… there’s something kind of relaxing about it, not to mention exciting because in just 20 minutes I’m going to get to eat delicious enchiladas! One of the things I loved about The Book of Broken Hearts was the food. I grew up eating Mexican food… but not authentic by any means. I’m always so intrigued by authentic Latin/Hispanic foods. I want to try EVERYTHING I see. The Book of Broken Hearts features many dishes that sound so foreign to me but yet I know they’re close to the characters’ hearts. I think that’s something I’ve always loved about food; no matter how foreign it may be to you, to someone else it’s home.

Speaking of food…

In Nowhere but Home Queenie takes a job at the local jail cooking last meals for death row inmates. Seriously, depressing. But the book is FILLED with traditional home cooking that makes me realize I missed Southern Cooking 101. Whoops. Even though Queenie cooks a lot of food that we may consider traditional Southern, it’s been extremely interesting to see the differences between her cooking Texas style and what I’m used to. She mentions that “barbecue” is beef brisket, sausage, and ribs. A “vegetable plate” is potato salad, diced white onion, and pickles. Here… barbecue is chopped smoked pork. A vegetable plate is baked beans and cole slaw. What the heck do you need diced onions for?! Studying how different regions eat different foods has always been an interest of mine, especially since I worked in food for so long (weird to say I now don’t!). So why the meatloaf? Because one of the themes in this book is how food can be comforting, no matter what you’re going through. To me, the most comforting meal I can think of is meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans. This is the meal I request if my mom asks what I want her to cook for me. This is the meal I wish I actually knew how to make (I told you… missed out on Southern Cooking 101). While it’s surprisingly simple, it’s my favorite food in the world.

This is one of my Bout of Books books that I just finished (it’s oh so good, worth the wait!). It’s funny how every time I see stuff that’s from the 90s, whether TV shows, movies, books, videos, it’s like I’ve forgotten just how far we’ve come with technology. This book takes place in 1999 during the Y2K disaster (when someone explained it to me I remember thinking “are people really that stupid?”) and it blows my mind how little technology was actually used. The newspaper company where Lincoln works actually FOUGHT the idea of getting the Internet! While yes, I remember not having Internet and know I got along just fine and dandy without it, it still blows my mind. But then I remember that yeah…. in the 90s, even as late as 99, people were still fighting technology. I still had to turn in hand written papers (hand written people!) and used books (actual books!) to do research for those papers! I feel like the Now That’s What I Call the 1990s would be the PERFECT pairing for this book. In case you’ve forgotten what it’s like to live in the stone age….

This was fun! And now I want enchiladas…. awesome.

Happy reading!


7 thoughts on “Bout of Books Day 3: Perfect Pairings”

    1. I ate some last night! They were not as good as the ones in that picture (I’m assuming those in the picture are good…) but they were quite tasty! And 90s music = my favorite!


  1. As I said earlier today on twitter, this makes me hungry! And it is really shocking to remember life before the internet and even cell phones. My kids think I’m exaggerating, ha!


    1. Haha, I think most people’s kids think we’re exaggerating when we talk about living in the “dark ages.” But sometimes I start to forget what it was like to have the conveniences we have today! How did I survive without my smart phone?!


  2. Now I want to eat…… hahaha 🙂
    I loved Attachments, especially because I was in high school during the whole Y2k thing so I remember all of it so clearly— including the lack of technology. This one guy I dated had a cell phone and he was seriously like 2 of 400 kids in our grade that had one. It’s hilarious to think how different things are now. I love the convenience of technology, but I kinda miss the old days. High school can’t be the same with facebook, twitter, texting, etc…. kinda sad. I think that phase of life was probably so much better when it was simple. I remember my mom getting so pissed when a friend or boyfriend would call after 10pm. hahaha Oh— and then there were also the cool kids that had their own personal phone lines! LOL And passing notes was so much more badass than sending a text. Ok, i’ll stop. 🙂


    1. Eating’s the best. 🙂

      I was in HS then too and could not understand what the big deal was. I remember getting to use my mom’s cell phone when I first started driving. I thought I was the bomb. I used AOL back in high school, but there was no Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat or whatever else the kids are using these days. I think it was an easier time in some ways. Like you, I kind of wonder if I had a better high school experience because of the lack of technology. However… I’m super glad for my smart phone now. Can’t remember how I lived w/out it! 🙂


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