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Retro Reads by YOU! Kristin from Promises to Read

Welcome to my newest feature, Retro Reads by YOU!

retro reads by you

Today I have Kristin from Promises to Read on the blog talking about some of her favorite retro reads!

Tell us about you and your blog

My name is Kristin and love to read books from a wide range of genres! I made a book blog just to have some fun, and find like-minded people to discuss books with. I really enjoy it. I post book reviews, features, tags, challenges, etc.

What Retro Reads books take you back to your childhood or young adult days? Tell us about what made those books so special to you.

For me it is definitely The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. I was about 11 at the time and was spending my first summer away from my friends and needed something to fill my days. I was by the beach and walked in to an independent bookstore. The owner told me I had to read Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, and I thought it sounded so dumb but figured why not? I fell in love with reading at that moment! I still like to pick up the book once in awhile. It really brings me back to summers by the beach.

Have your reading preferences changed since you were younger? If so, tell us about how they have.

Honestly, they haven’t changed that much. In fact, I think I read more YA now then I did when I was younger. I think the only thing that really changed is that fact that I try to read more classics now. I used to despise them, but I have really grown to appreciate them.

You visit your school’s book fair and have $5 to spend (hey, that was a lot way back in the day). What would you buy?

Nancy Drew! For sure, I was addicted to Nancy Drew.

List 2-3 books that you hope young adults today will talk about in the future as their favorite retro reads.

These seem obvious but..
The Fault in Our Stars
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Book Thief

Thanks so much Kristin for sharing your favorite retro reads with us!

Want to join in the fun and share your own retro reads with us? It’s easy! Just fill out the below Google form and I’ll be in touch!


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