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Talk Amongst Yourselves: The Purpose of Blogging

You all probably remember my bad job situation just over 2 months ago, right? Because of it I had become pretty random with my blogging, wasn’t really feeling it, would go weeks without posting, etc. Because of this I think my blog sort of went downhill and maybe I lost followers and/or commentors. I’m slowly (oh so slowly) trying to get back in the swing of posting regularly and trying to have interesting things to say but… life, man. Life. (Seriously, when did this become my catchphrase?)

Some days, and I hate to say this, I get kind of bummed out because I get no comments or blog love and it’s just a pooey feeling. I mean, what happened to Candice, the confident “who cares, I love blogging!” blogger? When did I suddenly become a nervous newbie?

I might have Twitter stalked – although not on purpose – someone* who mentioned this very same worry of why we are getting less comments on our reviews and posts. Are our reviews not good anymore? Are people not caring anymore? What is going on?

*I’m not going to mention this person because hello I was Twitter stalking her convos about this with others but THANK YOU for bringing this up on Twitter because I’ve been having some major issues with this! You’re my hero, you know? 🙂

I did read some of the responses to her proposed question and they were all fantastic responses. It made me think about my own blog (I’m self-centered like that) and what it is I’m doing. Am I doing things right? Wrong? Half-assed? Then it hit me. I’m not doing anything WRONG per se…. I just seem to have lost sight of the purpose of blogging.

Which led to this question:

What IS the purpose of blogging?

Books. Books. Booksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooks

No, I don’t mean getting all the books. That’s just a fun perk that comes with blogging. Seriously, this stuff is WAAAAAY too much work just for a handful of free books. The purpose of blogging is to talk about books, whether it’s reviews, discussions, memes, likes, dislikes, whatever. It’s easy to get lost in all the worries that come with running a successful blog but truthfully, whether you get 1 or 100 comments or likes or page views, you’re blogging about books. That’s your purpose.


Seriously, give yourself an hour of blogging and you have learned something. Interact with another blogger and you have learned something. Talk to an author, publisher, or agent for five minutes and you have learned something. There is a plethora of learning out there when you start blogging. You may learn different view points, learn about different cultures and industries. I am constantly amazed just how much more I know now than I did 2 years ago. Heck, I’m amazed how much more I know now than I did 2 days ago! Learning. That’s your purpose.

Making friends and developing relationships

This is one of those hidden treasures you discover once you become a blogger. Seriously, some of the people I’ve met through blogging have become my closest friends. I chat with them daily, I tag them in Facebook posts, we support each other, we discuss our personal lives. Quite honestly, it’s awesome. Regardless of how new or old you are to the blogging world, building relationships with other bloggers is your purpose.

There are some other purposes that I’m sure I’ve left out (easy since this list was ubershort) but I wonder why, when I have such a good understanding of these three purposes, do I CONSTANTLY forget them? Why do I get so bogged down with not being as good or as popular or whatever?

So let’s discuss. What do you feel your purpose for blogging is? Do you feel like you lose sight of it? If you do, what do you to do regain it? 


13 thoughts on “Talk Amongst Yourselves: The Purpose of Blogging”

  1. Oh my gosh, SOLIDARITY! I have struggled with blogging so much. In March and April combined, I probably published less than 20 posts. I just wasn’t feeling it. For me, I’ve been blogging for several years and I am BORED with writing reviews. We’ve all admitted that we don’t read reviews much, and I know I scroll past them too, so writing them just for myself has gotten to this point where it’s an insurmountable task on my to-do list. Then weeks go by, the book fades from my mind, and I no longer care that I didn’t review it, even when it was amazing. (Examples: Cress, Into the Still Blue, freaking STEELHEART!)

    I’m sad to hear that you were also in a slump, but like you said, it’s nice to know it happens to everyone. All of your purpose points were great too. Blogging and especially self-hosting forces you to learn so much, even if it’s just basic HTML coding. I always feel so accomplished when I finally figure something out that seemed too difficult or too fancy.

    Your “nervous newbie” comment made me laugh because sometimes when I get in a slump, I FEEL like a lil newbie, not a person who has blogged (in semi-isolation) for four years.


    1. It’s always good to see others get in slumps too. I mean, I hate that they are but it’s nice to know it’s not just me. My problem wasn’t so much the blog as it was my job and all the stress that came from it. Now that I’ve changed jobs and it’s way less stress, I’m finding I have tons more time for blogging but am so “out of practice” it’s getting hard to get back into it.

      And the newbie feeling… man it SUCKS! I look back at past years’ posts and think “Okay, this had way more traffic/comments/etc. What am I doing wrong now?” I need to get back into confident blogger mode asap!

      I like writing reviews, and I like reading them, but sometimes it’s like pulling teeth getting myself to write them. And like you said, so much time passes and it almost gets to the point like “who cares?!”

      Hopefully our slumps will pass and we’ll get excited again! 🙂


  2. Blogging is all about: talking about books/reading, discussing with other fangirls and meeting booklovers all over the world! I just enjoy being part of this community. There is always someone that has something in common with you. I love fangirling about books I love or ranting about books I hated. I can’t do that with most people in real life and blogging has given me a way to do that 😀 You have to remind yourself that in the end, you are blogging for yourself and not for someone else.



    1. Very true! I need to tell myself this more often. This is for me, not for them!

      And the fangirling! Yes! I forgot about that in this post. It’s one of my favorite things to do, but yet I don’t feel like I do it that often anymore. Maybe that’s what I’m missing… Thanks for pointing that out and reminding me!


  3. You’re not alone by a long shot. It’s hard to stay inspired sometimes, but you’re right that it helps to remember the big picture. When I feel discouraged or that my blog is lacking in comparison to others, I’ll change things up like my review format, reread an old favorite or read something from a different genre. And taking breaks helps too- we all go through it.

    I for one really enjoy your voice in the blogosphere, Candice!


  4. Great post! Yes, blogging is a fun hobby where we gush about our favorite things, learn new cool stuff, and meet awesome people who also love the same favorite things. 🙂


  5. As a blog reader, I find it challenging to come up with comments regarding book reviews except “That sounds interesting,” unless I’ve already read the book. Sometimes, it might be fun to do commentary on trends you see in books, maybe review multiple books that way.


  6. I totally feel the same way about blogging sometimes! It’s hard when you work so hard to write these posts, especially reviews, and you seem to get barely any response to them. But I like to remind myself of the other things I’ve gained from blogging, which you’ve detailed above – friendships and knowledge – and of the reason I blog in the first place, which is because it’s something I like to do just for fun (and to organize all my thoughts on books because man, there are PLENTY).


  7. I find myself feeling really down about blogging because I usually get little views on most posts. It’s just really frustrating! But then I come across a book I just simply enjoy instead of analysing it from every angle and it reminds me why I started blogging.


  8. I’ve had the same thoughts as you. It sucks when you get more spam than comment love, or you think you write a great review, but hardly any one seems to comment. How can that not get a blogger down? Somehow, Twitter seems to help, because that’s how I’ve met most of you guys and I’ve had some really great talks there. So my blog may never be as popular as others, but like you said, it’s the fact that I’ve made so many friends by starting it in the first place. I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing, writing reviews, participating in memes/features, and meeting as many people as possible. 🙂


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