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True Story Thursday – MAY!

First off… let’s just get this out of the way:

mayI love that picture… haha!

I’ve been looking at my calendar for May and so far it’s jam packed with stuff! Like when did I become so busy on the blog? Granted, it’s mostly due to Bout of Books (which I’m doing again!) and Armchair BEA (which I’m doing again!), but I’m excited about both those events. I’m also considering giving a vlog format a try… which makes me terrified but sort of excited at the same time. I feel like only my fingers chat about books so it would be fun to actually talk with my mouth about my love of books!

I feel like, in the past, May has been one of my least favorite months. It’s not like I don’t like it, but it just feels like it’s a very final, ending sort of month. Clubs end for the year, school wraps up, graduation. It also starts getting hot which I’m not a fan of. That’s another story though. But May is also a starting month if you think about it. The start of summer vacation, the start of vacation season, suntans (and burns), icy drinks cold and delicious, BBQs, crawfish boils, flip flops and sundresses… MAYbe (ha, see what I did there?) I do like May?

It’s funny how when I was younger I was not a fan of the above things. I liked summer vacation for about 3 days then wanted it to be the school year again. I didn’t like laying in the sun (it’s too hot). Icy drinks were gross to me (I hadn’t discovered how yummy they were with alcohol in them). BBQ was just ok, I’d never seen a crawfish (much less eaten one), flip flops were a no-no in our house, and sundresses blech. I was (and really still am) a winter girl but as I’ve aged and discovered all the fun that comes with the warmer weather I think I’m becoming more of a summer girl. Or at least a late spring girl. I also think I’m turning into one of those old ladies who complains about the cold soaking into her bones; I get so cold nowadays!

One of my favorite parts of summer is summer reading. Like I’m getting super excited about putting together my summer reading list. Remember when summer reading used to SUCK? Classics and harder reads and you knew you’d have to take tests or write papers on them? Now summer reading is fun, light, silly, exciting. No tests! No papers! Just simple enjoyment under the sun. I’ve started a summer reads shelf on Goodreads. Feel free to suggest books to me!

Lastly… thinking about all these “back then” moments made me want to start back up my Retro Reads feature I used to do. Remember those? It gave me a chance to talk about books I read as a young adult. However, one of the reasons I stopped doing that feature was because I really just ran out of books to talk about! So instead of me starting it back up, I want to hear what YOU used to read!

Here’s a chance for you to be featured on my blog (okay, don’t mean that as a braggart as it sounds) AND talk about your favorite books you read as a young adult! If you’d like to participate, simply fill out the below form and I’ll be in touch!

Can’t wait to hear what books you enjoyed as a young adult!

Happy May!!!!

got pie gif

3 thoughts on “True Story Thursday – MAY!”

  1. Candice, I love these Thursday posts!!! You posts always have so much personality, and you’re just totally awesome. So, if you are a winter girl – you should move to Syracuse. And THEN you would be ecstatic about Summer! But if you are getting really cold lately, maybe Syracuse wouldn’t be the best.

    I’m so with you, though about sitting in the sun. I didn’t like that when I was younger, and I definitely do not like it now! Sun is bad for you!!! 🙂


  2. I filled out the form- fun trip down memory lane! I’m eager to hear about everyone’s favorite retro reads.

    Ooh Bout of Books and Armchair BEA! I’m undecided if I’m participating but they sure are tons of fun, and yeah they will certainly fill up your blog calendar 🙂

    May is kind of a bittersweet month, isn’t it? Summer reading is fun though, and I’m off to check out your summer reading list! With it being 95 degrees in my neck of the woods today, it definitely feels like it’s time for beach reads.


  3. Happy May! I absolutely love that the weather is getting warmer, as I live for the sunshine and cool breezes. And for trips to the park, the beach, road trips, vacations! I’ve always enjoyed summers, and find that I generally read a lot of lighter books around this time of year.

    Sounds like your May will be pretty busy! I think I’m doing Bout of Books as well, mostly because it was fun the one time I ever got to do it before. I also think it’ll be fun to see you vlog! I wasn’t confident about vlogging before, and still feel like such a newbie at it, but practice makes perfect, right?


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