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True Story Thursday: Getting to know me

Before I get into this post, I wanted to share some good news: I reached my 60 day mark here at my new job (I know!) and after a brief “You’re doing an excellent job!” convo with my boss, I got a significant raise! I’m one happy girl!

Now, on to the post! I thought I’d share some fun facts about myself with you all. I’m starting to feel like I get SO deep with my TSTs, which I like, but it starting to feel like a weekly visit to the therapist. So I wanted to just share some fun, silly things about me that you probably don’t know!

  • When I was four I went to daycare and we had broccoli and cheese for lunch. One of the boys in my class stuck his finger in my broccoli and I refused to eat it. I haven’t liked broccoli since and up until maybe 5 or 6 years ago, refused to eat it.
  • I have lived in Japan and Cuba, ages 2 and 23 respectively. I don’t remember parts from both countries due to youth and alcohol, respectively.
  • I’m a member of Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity (sorority) and darn proud of it. I get all mama bear grr when people make fun of sororities and the women in them.
  • For career day in elementary school I dressed up as a pediatrician (complete with baby doll), a banker, and a writer.
  • We owned a bootleg copy of Peter Pan when I was little that we bought in Japan. I can quote almost the whole movie.
  • I never watch it, but I LOVE watching soccer.
  • In middle and high schools I played the flute, but in high school for marching band I played percussion. I was mediocre at both and although I loved band, I loved how much it got me out of class more.
  • Speaking of band, my high school band was banned from Disney World for 4 years back in 1999 because a few people were caught shoplifting. My band story normally trumps everyone else’s band story.
  • When I was a little girl my dad worked at a printing company. I’d go to work with him some days and he would let me use scrap printing supplies to make books. It’s one of my favorite memories of him.
  • If I were to ever self publish anything it would be dedicated to my dad because of that.

So this has been fun! I sometimes feel that my life is pretty uninteresting because I don’t have any crazy wild stories to talk about. But when I think about these kinds of facts about my life I realize that I actually have had a pretty interesting life. Maybe there’s not tons of crazy wild stories (although I’m sure I could mention a few from my Cuba days), but I’m also not a very braggart “look at me” person (pshh… don’t believe that lie). 🙂

Oh, and as promised:


got pie gif



4 thoughts on “True Story Thursday: Getting to know me”

    1. It was kind of hilarious in retrospect. I think it was 4 kids that got Disney arrested – a senior, two juniors, and a freshman. They banned us for 4 years to ensure all of them had graduated. They stole stuff from one of the gift shops… like a tshirt and Cinderella figurine. Who steals from Mickey?! That’s what I didn’t understand!


  1. Ahh I loved this post! I’ve been reading your blog/talking to you almost since I started blogging, and it’s so fun to hear all these things about you that I probably never would have guessed! I had no clue you were in a sorority. And marching band ftw!!


    1. Thanks! 🙂

      I love sharing little facts like these. They aren’t things that just come out on a daily basis, but they’re things that have made me who I am in a way. And I feel like I talk to my blogger friends way more than IRL friends (which is crazy, I know) so I want them to know me for more than just my insane love of books! 🙂


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