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True Story Thursday: Holiday Weekend

I know I’ve mentioned that I’ve been going to a Messianic Jewish service since about the beginning of January. I absolutely LOVE it. I feel like not only am I getting filled up as far as religion but I’m learning a lot about my faith, my beliefs, and history. Which I find really, really cool.

This week is Passover – note: until just recently I didn’t know Passover was a week long; I thought it was just one day – and tonight I am going to our congregation’s Seder dinner which I’m really looking forward to. I went to one a few years ago that was held at my home church and instantly fell in love with not only the ritual but just the freedom and excitement that came along with the whole thing. My mom’s also going with me so I’m excited to share this new big part of my life with her.

And then we have Good Friday off of work so huzzah! 3 day weekend for Easter! I plan on getting some sun because it’s going to be gorgeous here this weekend and to finally read (and hopefully finish) Dreams of Gods and Monsters. I’ve started the first page a couple times and just didn’t feel like I could focus all my energies onto it. I want to immerse myself in this book and be able to focus and have all the feels from it.

Something you may not know about me is that for the past four years I’ve given up meat for Lent. No one really seems to get why I do this and typically I have to fend off the “OMG I so could not do that!” comments (and stop myself from saying “well maybe I just love Jesus more than you” because c’mon.. that’s mean). And honestly, there are some days when I think “Why exactly am I doing this?” because guys… it’s HARD. I know plenty of people have a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and major kudos to them… but I have these sharp teeth called canines that God blessed me with to eat meat. I have the hardest time making meals. Like how do you eat things without meat?! Yes, I know there are more non-meat foods than meat foods but I’m so sick of modifying all my foods to not include meat. Like if I never eat another egg, I’ll be golden.

This honestly is the first time I’ve really complained since Ash Wednesday about not eating meat. And I’ve only got 3 more days. Haha! Although technically I’m going to eat meat tonight at Seder because I’m paying $20 for the meal. I’ll be darned if I’m not gonna eat it! 🙂

Oh! Speaking of Easter. Do you all remember when I tweeted last week about the super cute bunny one of my co-workers bought for her kids for Easter? Yeah… we just found it dead in its cage. She’d left it at the office to hide it from her kids and someone went back to check on it and it was stone cold dead. Poor little bunny.

So happy Easter every body! And if you bought your kids a bunny for Easter well… here’s hoping your Easter bunny doesn’t end up like everyone else’s Easter bunny seems to (ie dead).



1 thought on “True Story Thursday: Holiday Weekend”

  1. I seriously love these posts because I feel like I get to know you a little more each time! I’m really happy you’ve found a church that you really feel like you belong. Your whole part about not eating meat made me laugh. I’m a vegetarian so it’s obviously very easy for me to go without meat, but I remember when I first told my mom about it she was like, “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT WHAT WILL YOU EAT??!” so I totally understand haha.


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