Young Adult

Spring Break NaNo: Day 14

Official word count: 27,370

I had wanted to reach 30k by this past weekend. As you can see, it didn’t happen. Over the weekend I participated in a write-a-thon with several other bloggers and “live blogged” about what all I did. Was very fun and I managed to get a big chunk written. Not as much as I’d hoped, but still a good bit. Got me back on track, at least.

Over the weekend I also read a book. I won’t say which because what I want to talk about may be spoilery, but let’s just say it was hot, hot, HOT! I’ve been concerned about my two MCs and how they’re falling for each other. I’ve spent a good amount of time lately working on my main MC, trying to develop her and come to a place where she’s become more than the boring character she was. But now they’re back together and… I feel like I want them to be together so badly but just can’t see how they go together.

After reading this book I realized that while I’ve developed my main MC, I haven’t done the same for the other one. I think I need to spend some time with him because I want to make him complicated. I want to make him personable and intense and troubled and… all the good things that go into a good, swoony boy.

One thing that I have trouble with is writing sexy scenes. I feel very cheesy writing them and unsure how I should go about them. Should it be accidental? Tense? Slow build up? Fast, rushed, clumsy? In my original draft of this my two MCs did have sex, but I left it kind of open ended. As in just hinted at it and stopped the scene before it got too hot and heavy.

But after reading this book…. I don’t know. It’s like I’ve gained a bit of confidence in writing it because there was no real “graphic” discussion of it but you definitely knew what was going on. I’m so used to sex scenes being from romance novels; they’re so detailed and I don’t want details. I liked how this book handled sex and basically let me use my imagination.

So question for you, writer friends: How do you feel about writing sex scenes?

Here’s hoping I get to develop my second MC a bit more this week and get to see them fall in love!



1 thought on “Spring Break NaNo: Day 14”

  1. OH MY GOSH, I have the hardest time writing “swoony/sexy” scenes too. When they work I’m very proud of them, but I go through a lot of thinking “LOL, IF SOMEONE SAID THAT TO ME, I’D BURST OUT LAUGHING FROM THE CHEESE FACTOR!” I think a lot of it is also being in the right headspace to write it, you know?

    (I am going to have to get there in a couple of books though. I have a couple of NAs to write on deck XD )


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