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I hope no one minds if I live blog this bitch

Guys, the title of this posts comes from one of my FAVORITE Parks & Rec quote.

Anyway! Today I’m participating in a Write-A-Thon with some really awesome bloggers! One of them suggested a live blog and, once she explained what it was, I found it was right up my alley! So today I’ll be live blogging my progress and thoughts. I’ll be making sure I tweet updates too! Stay tuned!

9:39: Sitting outside on this gorgeous April day, sundress on, soaking in the rays. It’s not too hot either so perfect weather for me. Also participating in my first Google hangout which I’m really liking. Must find a way to incorporate it into the blog somehow! My writing goal this week was to hit 30,000 words. Sadly, it’s not been a productive writing week and I’m sitting at 22,850. Don’t think I’ll be writing 7,00 words today! So my goal is 4,000-5,000. Seems more manageable. Ready… go!

10:58: 24,580! Trucking right along today. Very excited about what I’m writing too. Had to turn on some writing music though. I like a good fantasy movie soundtrack playlist when I’m writing. Helps me stay focused, especially during action-y scenes.

12:22: 25,229! Not as much progress in the past hour and a half as I would have liked, but I guess that’s what happens when you go lay outside for half an hour. I’m already getting pink; yippee! Glad to finally get some color after being Casper-like for the past several months. But writing… Just introduced several new characters, one that is going to show up in the sequel to this book (you know, if I ever finish this one!). He already existed, but under a different name and having been introduced originally under different circumstances. But having started the sequel to this one (you remember that I’ve actually already written this but lost it and am now rewriting it) last Camp NaNo, I really started falling “in love” with him so I want to flesh him out a little bit more now. I think before he was an afterthought.

To hit 30,000 words, I need to write 4,777. I think I can do this… 🙂

2:22: 26,000. Okay, I laid out more and ate lunch. Whatever. It’s a beautiful day. Oh, and I cleaned a spot on my carpet. Seriously, everything looks better than writing right now. I’m doing little 500 word sprints now. 500 words, get a 15 minute treat. Just met my 500 word goal, gonna get some ice cream!

Oh, and I spent about 20 mins looking up names for my characters. For some reason I’m on this “the names must mean something” kick. Why do they need to mean something? I have no idea.

4,000 words to go!

3:30: Just hit 27,027! 4,179 words today! CANNOT believe my progress! I’ll be at 30,000 by tonight! And I hit my word count goal of at least 4,000 just in time. Gotta take an extended time out from the write-a-thon to go to my parents’. But I’ll be writing while I’m there!

Also, be sure to check out some of the other participants’ blogs! They’re live blogging as well!






3 thoughts on “I hope no one minds if I live blog this bitch”

  1. I actually have only seen a couple episodes of P&R despite it being hilarious, and the clip you posted happens to be one of the episodes I’ve seen and HAHAHA.

    Anyway, just over 4K by 3:30pm?! AWESOMENESS. And I totally also sometimes spent way too much time looking up name meanings for characters. Randomly chosen names can be cool, but names with actual meaning are also great because they can make the character more interesting, maybe?

    I hope you were able to add even more words afterwards! Good luck with the rest of this work in progress! 🙂


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