Young Adult

True Story Thursday: 3 part series

I’ve got 3 things to talk about today, so here we go:

1) Book buying

I will say that I rarely, if ever, buy books. I know, I know. I just don’t have oodles of extra money to spend on books and hello have you seen how many unread books I have at the moment? Probably not because I’ve never shown you but trust me when I say it’s a lot.

Dreams of Gods and Monsters came out on Tuesday. I bought it yesterday. After all the whining and complaining I did while reading Days of Blood and Starlight, once I got to the last third of it I knew I HAD to get my hands on Dreams as quickly as I could. Texts from Sandie @ Teen Lit Rocks (who read it early) did not help my need (although I love book texts no matter what!).

So I bought it and it’s sooo pretty! I am holding off on reading it until this weekend though. It’s supposed to be nice outside so I’m thinking me, Dreams, lemonade, and my lawn chair. Hello spring!

2) Judgy McJudgement

Something I’ve realized about me is that I am completely judgmental. I know we all can judge things sometimes, but I feel like mine has gotten out of hand. I realized the other night that this is why I don’t have close friends. The minute I get close to someone is the second I start being all judgy about them. And it’s not like I’m perfect either! I’m a total flake, I’m snobby, I’m awkward… yet I constantly think mean, judgmental thoughts about some of my closest friends! What is wrong with me?

It’s not even friends that I’m like this about. The past several months I’ve been attending a Messianic Jewish service and am really liking it. So much so that I’ve been identifying it as “my church.” Or… well I’m not sure what you call it since it’s Jewish. Anyway. It’s more contemporary as far as the music and so there is a lot of hands raised, praising the Lord kind of stuff going on – not my thing but you go ahead with your praising. There’s this one woman who cheers and claps and jumps up and down like she’s at a rock concert. And instead of focusing on my own worship, like I should be, I sit there and think mean, judgy thoughts about this woman. Again, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

Does anyone else do this? Am I just a horrible person for having so many judgmental thoughts about others? It’s really starting to get to me and I need help combating it. One thing I’ve been doing is looking for good things about people. Like if I pass someone in the street instead of thinking “Okay, her hair is hideous” I find something nice about them like “I really like her skirt” or “She has such a pretty smile.” Of course, if I’m thinking that a stranger looks hideous, this probably says a lot about me.

I’m always worried that I’m a bad friend and pray not only to stop being judgmental but to be a better friend to others. Not going to lie, I feel a little better putting this fear and problem out there. Now I just need to work harder on it.

3) Grown up books

I’ve been reading a GROWN UP book the past couple days and it’s been wonderful. I’ve forgotten just how much I really love authors like Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes. I need to read more of them! The book I’ve been reading is Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella and it’s totally perfect. So much more than I thought it was going to be (in the best of ways!).

Oh, and I joined Tumblr. Huzzah.


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