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Book Talk – The Forever Song

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forever song

If you had told me 2 years ago that I would such a big fan of a vampire series, I would have told you that you were crazy. Cut to 2 years later and surprise: big fan of a vampire series.

The Forever Song is the last chapter in the Blood of Eden series and my friends, it does not disappoint. I’ve “formally” reviewed the previous two books but felt for the end of a series I just needed to talk about the feels.

I wasn’t a full chapter in when I tweeted about how gory it was. Seriously, this was a ginormous gore-fest.


So let’s talk gore. I honestly got to the point where it was too much. It felt like every other chapter was killing the bad vampires, cutting off arms and heads, seeing mutilated bodies… by the end of the book it was like “Oh, more evil vampires are attacking us? Let’s cut their heads off and go get a pizza. Yawn.” I did appreciate the picture the gore painted and how it reminded just how bad the world Allie lives in is and just how difficult her life as a vampire was.

Speaking of Allie, I have LOVED seeing her transformation throughout this series. In my review of The Immortal Rules I flat out said I didn’t like her. I started warming up to her in The Eternity Cure. Now though, I love her. I think this is something Kagawa does very well with her characters; she gives us this raw, undeveloped person and has them go through a total transformation throughout the series. And what’s particularly neat about this is that you don’t really see it happening. There aren’t any life-changing moments where one day the character is one way and the next a totally different person. Watching Allie change from this scrawny, smart-ass girl into a strong, self-reliant, courageous vampire was honestly one of the best parts of this series.

Which brings me to a secondary character I talked about in my review of The Eternity Cure, Jackal. I actually really liked him in that book. By about 1/3 through The Forever Song I wanted to scream “Shut the f–k up, Jackal!” As did most of the other characters. Again,  I think this attests to Kagawa’s brilliant character development.

Let’s not forget about Zeke though. I’m pretty sure you saw through the “shocker” cliffhanger ending of The Eternity Cure, but if you did not, you may skip this paragraph as there are a few spoilers. If you did see through the ending, you may proceed. Allie believes Zeke is dead and nearly comes apart because of it. But when she finds out he’s still “alive” she remembers that she’s not the monster she believes herself to be. Now, I’m sure you can guess what I mean by “alive” when I talk about Zeke. I went back and forth on him in this book. On the one hand he was still pretty hot, but on the other he was kind of emo and whiney. I got it, but get over it dude.

Kagawa does not hold anything back in this book. For the majority of the book I actually found myself believing that maybe Allie and her friends wouldn’t win. There just seemed to be no possible way. But what got me was that we didn’t really get to see Sarren that much, just the horrible wake he left behind. That brought up a lot of fears and emotions and made the whole situation seem utterly hopeless. The whole book brought up these things because we’ve finally gone full circle with this story, coming back to places that were first visited in The Immortal Rules. I truly felt for Allie as she was faced with her past and had to deal with not only moving on, but with finding peace. It was tough!

The Forever Song, to me, pushes the YA boundaries like no other book I’ve recently read. Mostly for the gore. But this series has become one of my new favorites. I love that it’s dark, it’s rough, it’s often hard and unforgiving. I love that underneath all of this and despite the cruel world there is still love and hope. The Forever Song serves as a fantastic ending to a series that I have been excited about since day one. Yes, there were parts that were hard, but what series doesn’t have those?

If you want a vampire/paranormal series that gets back to what it means to be a vampire, this is the series for you. I have truly loved it.


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