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Spring Break NaNoWriMo

The other week I lamented over losing my entire MS. I have begun to rewrite it (yay!) but it’s going a little slower than I wanted. Mostly because I’m lazy. Then I remembered that I wrote this whole thing in a month during NaNoWriMo so surely I should be able to rewrite it in a month.


During the month of April I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo.

And it will go better than the past 2 I’ve done.

50,000 words by the end of the month. 30 days of hard core writing. Approximately 1,670 words a day. I can do this.

I’ve got just over 14,000 words so far. So if I can do 50,000 this month, it will be a nice sized MS. Luckily I’ve got a nearly finished outline so I kind of know what’s going to be going on. But I’m looking forward to my characters surprising me again!

As I’ve done when I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo, I’ll be posting updates throughout the month. Hopefully they’ll be more than freakouts, whining, and OMGWHATDIDIGETMYSELFINTO like I usually have posted.

One thing I hope this write-a-thon doesn’t lead to is a decrease in blogging because, if you’ve noticed, I haven’t been the best blogger lately. You know, in like the past 6 months. Whoops. Luckily I have a whole list of books to review that will take me into the first of April.

I also hope this doesn’t lead to a decline in reading. But to help not feel pressured to read all the new books, I think I may do a few rereads this month. I watched most of City of Bones last night (hey, I was tired) so now I want to reread that series to get ready for the final book coming out in May. I’m also thinking about rereading the Girl of Fire and Thorns series and His Fair Assassins series. And who knows? Maybe reading these books will help me write!

So wish me luck friends! Tweets, emails, and encouragement cookies are appreciated! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Spring Break NaNoWriMo”

  1. I’m also participating in Camp NaNoWriMo but for the first time. I’ve been hoarding partial MS forever and I just heard about the Camp and I thought what a perfect way for me to finally stick to a schedule and deadline because when I set my own it never works. Yesterday, while in class I wrote 2000 words so hopefully things continue that way. I also worry about blogging because I have so much scheduled this month plus it’s the end of the semester so I have 3 research papers due but I’m going to try my hardest! Good luck to you!


  2. Good luck!! I can’t wait to hear updates on how the writing is going for you! And I forgot that the last CoB book is coming out soon. I’ve only read the first three of that series, do you think the next three are worth reading as well?


    1. I’ll be honest… the series could have ended with City of Glass. The rest were good, but stories just seemed to drag on and there were too many characters with their own stories. I really only cared about Clary. haha

      But, I would recommend reading them regardless of that, especially if you’ve really liked the first half of the series.

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      1. Okay! That’s what I thought because I want to find out more about some of the characters but I’m not sure if I wanted to keep on reading if it’s dragged out. But I think I’ll give them a go!


  3. YOU CAN DO IT, C! I know you can do it. You and Jen have both inspired me to be unafraid of the blank page, and as you’re aware, it’s starting to work. I think I’ve got something, and hopefully, that something will reveal itself as the month goes on. But know that I’m definitely cheering you on from here!

    [Also, I think it is a brilliant idea to reread the Fire and Thorns series and the His Fair Assassin series. Excellent books. REALLY excellent books. Plus, Hector! Duval! Beast! That is all.]


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